220 – Chemical Free Cleaning Using Just e-cloth and Water – My Interview with Al Coviello

e-cloth also removes over 99% of bacteria on surfaces

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I am excited and astounded by e-cloth. I just learned of them several months ago and I am a full fledged convert. When you listen to the interview you will hear about the skepticism that many people, including my wife, that e-cloths could possible live up to the claims. Basically e-cloths clean virtually every home surface with just water. Hard surfaces, soft surfaces and even pets, people and babies. AND e-cloths will remove over 99% of bacteria from all hard surfaces, with just water. That dirt and bacteria will then just wash off and flush away with just hot water rinse.

There are multiple e-cloth fabrics designed for most surfaces in your home. Each e-cloth can be machine washed weekly for 300 washes, guaranteed. That’s about 6 years. You will find it hard to believe that your home can be so clean with just e-cloths and water.

So in this interview with Al Coviello, we will explore in depth the science and technology of e-cloths. This is an amazing product that belongs in every home. Consider this list of benefits

  • Clean better than chemicals, without the chemicals
  • No exposure to toxic chemicals
  • No toxins, fumes or allergic reactions
  • Supports the needs of auto-immune persons
  • Supports the needs of mothers and families with newborns, infants and toddlers
  • Remove thick grease, grime and dirt from all hard surfaces, using just water
  • Remove over 99% of bacteria from all hard surfaces using just water
  • No chemical residue, leaving surfaces spotless and stay clean longer
  • Reduces cleaning time, just wet and wipe
  • Reusable, guaranteed up to 300 washes, nearly 6 years with weekly washing
  • Save money by reducing the use of chemicals, paper towels and wipes by 90%
  • Reduces the use of natural resources

The magic is in the e-cloth unique fiber. The fiber is capable of picking up bacteria and anything on surfaces. It then holds the water, bacteria and dirt and allows them to be washed away with hot water. It is amazing how well it works. It is hard to believe at first. But when you learn how and why the e-cloths works then you will quickly become convinced. Then you will want e-cloths throughout your home. The e-cloth fibers are woven into various textures of cloths that make them extremely versatile. There are products for all household cleaning, automotive and electronic care. Then there are e-cloths for body care, baby care and pet care.

You can see and feel the difference e-cloths make on surfaces. Surfaces feel cleaner and look more polished and stay cleaner longer. We have cleaned windows, kitchen surfaces, stainless steel, eye glasses, and electronics. Some surfaces can even be cleaned without water. This is the experience of my wife, Debbie, and myself as we put e-cloths to the test. We are going to equip our entire house with various e-cloths. This suits our desire to reduce consumption and enhance cleaning. Cleaning with just water is huge.

When you consider the reduction in paper towels alone the impact is significant. When you consider the reduction in bacteria without chemicals the impact is significant. When you consider the elimination of product residue on surfaces the impact is significant. I love everything about e-cloths.

What about the bacteria?
This is the big question that everyone has. You can’t see the bacteria being wiped up and washed away. So how do we have confidence that this is in fact true? As always we look to the science. Micro-biological research tested the cleaning power of e-cloth with water on hard surfaces that had been contaminated with different common bacteria. These bacteria include e-coli, monocytogenes and aspergillus.

Using just water, the results showed that e-cloths removed over 99% of bacteria, locking them away inside the cloths’ fibers, where the bacteria stay until the cloths are rinsed. Further test show that, after a rinse with hot water, e-cloth reintroduced just 0.01% of bacteria back onto a sterile surface. Think about that. Wipe over 99% of bacteria off surfaces and wash it away with hot water. The cloth does not cross contaminate. All without any chemicals. And superior results for surfaces. You really should try them and see for yourself.

To me, this is huge. Living clean is a challenge. e-cloths are a game changer. e-cloths have been tested and endorsed by Good Housekeeping Institute in UK for the past 8 years running. e-cloth has been awarded the Best in Class by RealSimple in three main categories. And e-cloth is recommended and endorsed by leading appliance manufacturers in Europe. e-cloth has been scientifically validated and customer approved.

About Al Coviello
Al Coviello is the President and CEO of TADgreen, Inc. TADgreen stands for Think Act Do Green. Al has a long history of concern about chemicals in our environment. He has a particular passion for chemical free cleaning and he now has the products that fulfill that passion. He works tirelessly to spread the word that you can have a cleaner home without chemicals using just water and e-cloth. 



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