253 – The Health Benefits of Mushrooms – My Interview with Jerry Angelini

Beneficial Mushrooms Support All Body Systems


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Mushrooms have been used as food and medicine for thousands of years. We now live in a time when we all have access to the amazing mushrooms from around the world. We also have the scientific ability to understand why mushrooms are so beneficial. Paul Stamets is considered one of the world’s leading mycologist. He has spent a lifetime researching mushroom and developing them for commercial applications. Thanks to Paul, we have a greater understanding and appreciation of the health benefits of these amazing mushrooms.

In this podcast I am interviewing Jerry Angelini. Jerry is the National Science Educator for Host Defense Organic Mushrooms. We will discuss the broader topic of beneficial mushrooms. Of the hundreds of mushrooms that have been identified there are only a few that we consider as beneficial. Most of the mushrooms considered beneficial are the ones that have been used for centuries in traditional cultures. So with the anecdotal knowledge and today’s scientific capabilities we can now consider these mushroom as serious contributors to human health. 

So how do we get from raw mushrooms in the environment to the capsules you take? Most people don’t ever give a second thought as to who makes their supplements. Consumers like to be confident that the products they purchase are safe and effective. But how is it that we should have confidence in any or every product in the marketplace? The sad fact is that consumers have to become savvy buyers because there are many inferior products and many companies who care very little about the quality of the products they produce. In this first interview with Jerry, we are going to explore the unique products and processes of Host Defense Organic Mushrooms.

“Some mushrooms and their benefits:

  • Cordyceps: Energy, breathing, muscles and libido.*
  • Reishi: Stress support, cardiovascular support.*
  • Lion’s Mane: Memory and nerve support.*
  • Maitake: Supports healthy blood sugar within the normal range.*
  • Chaga: Antioxidant and gastrointestinal support.*
  • Mesima: Overall immune support.*
  • Royal Sun Blazei: Overall immune support.*
  • Agarikon: Supports probiotic microflora.*
  • Turkey Tail: Digestive, liver and immune support.*
  • Mushrooms Offer Support for a Multitude of Body Systems  *

Examples include support for:

  • Cardiovascular System*
  • Digestive System*
  • Neurological System*
  • Immune System*
  • Reproductive System*
  • Integumentary (Skin) System*
  • Skeletal System*
  • Muscular System*

Multiple Mushroom Species As a Wellness Strategy
Research by Paul Stamets demonstrates that a combination of mushroom species increased immune activity compared to single mushroom species*. In 2003, a study was published in the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, “Potentiation of Cell-Mediated Host Defense Using Fruit Bodies and Mycelium of Medicinal Mushrooms.” Used cross-culturally for thousands of years, ancient people utilized beneficial mushrooms for health and as sources of food. Modern science continues to recognize the array of health-supporting compounds found in mushrooms.* Stamets 7, is highly active in immune markers, and can be taken everyday like a multiple. Mushrooms are functional food, can be used everyday and have a full-spectrum of constituents which:

    • support a multitude of body systems*
    • augment the body’s immune system*
    • provide building blocks for our systems on a cellular level*
    • contain enzymes to support digestion and assimilation of nutrients*
    • contain polysaccharides to increase the activity & effectiveness of natural killer cells and macrophages*
    • neutralizes free radicals with antioxidant activity*
    • contain prebiotics and are food sources for probiotic microflora in the intestinal tract
    • support stress and fatigue reduction*
    • provide support for daily metabolic and environmental assaults*
    • offer a food source of nutrition that is readily digestible and absorbable* (Above content from HostDefense.com)

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

When you are looking for a supplement company, you should always look beyond the product. You need to know something about their mission and their corporate commitments. One emerging way for you to have confidence in companies is to look at their certifications. It first has to be the intent of the company to do these things, then they must ask others to confirm what they are doing. Third party certifications are an increasingly important identifier for consumers. Host Defense Organic Mushrooms are highly certified.

About Jerry Angelini, MS, LRC, LMT
Jerry has a private practice as an integrative practitioner and is the Education Director for Host Defense® Organic Mushrooms™. In his role as an integrative practitioner, Jerry draws from over 30 years of training in various modalities including Western Psychotherapy, Planetary Herbalism (including Western, Ayurvedic and Chinese Clinical Herbalism), Clinical Aromatherapy, NeuroMuscular Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, Qi Gong and Tui Na to name a few.

For the past four years, Jerry has been the National Science Educator for Host Defense Organic Mushrooms. Working closely with Dr. Paul Stamets, Hon, Jerry has been teaching and training in the United States and Canada. Reaching out to all levels of learners including medical professionals, retail staff and consumers, the educational opportunities focus on the benefits that various mushroom and herbal preparations can have on our immune functioning as well as our overall health and wellness.

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