263 – Adrenal Stress and Adaptogenic Herbs – My Interview with Dr. Mary Bove

Herbs support a healthy stress response.

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In today’s world it seems there is no escaping stress. Stress is ever present and affects us all. So the question we each have to answer for ourselves is how to manage our stressful lives. Given that there is usually no escaping stress, what are effective ways of supporting our health that are likely to give us benefit. There are many lifestyle choices that can help us create a less stressful life and we can do things that help us manage the stress that we do have.

There are a lot of resources that can give you guidance in the various lifestyles choices, such as meditation, exercise, food choices, and mind exercises that can exert positive benefits. You should explore these as part of you developing a lifestyle and nutrition program that works for you. 

In this interview Dr. Mary Bove will discuss the role of adaptogenic herbs for stress. Adaptogenic herbs refers to  herbs that support physiological processes and promotion of homeostasis, for example, decreased cellular sensitivity to stress. Herbs have a long history of usage for human health. We now have the opportunity to improve on the historical uses through modern science. We now have the science to explore deeply into the chemistry of herbs and create products that bring out those properties. We now have more and more clinical evidence of the structure/function benefits of herbs. 

Stress ManWe will discuss the benefits of adaptogenic herbs for adrenal gland support. When our life is full of unrelenting stress our adrenal glands can experience exhaustion. Our levels of the stress hormone cortisol rise. If our stress levels remain high and cortisol levels remain high, then over time we are less able to manage the stress and even experience additional disorders. Our bodies are meant to handle stress and then have periods of rest and restoration. Chronic stress often disrupts our days and nights. Reducing one’s stress load is not usually possible for most of us. We all have to work and raise families and deal with our health and relationships. In addition we are exposed to, and carry the weight of the world’s problems through unrelenting news. Your challenge is to seek ways to mitigate your stressors, when and if you can.

Nutritional support for stress is critical. Your body cannot restore balance when you are lacking key essential nutrients and you should make sure your diet and supplementation are in order. Americans are often low in the key nutrients that help maintain healthy stress levels. Being well nourished does not remove the causes of stress in your life, rather good nutrition enables your body to function normally and manage stress with less damaging outcomes.

StressHere’s where herbs can exert their benefits. Even those of us who live a healthy lifestyle and eat a nutritious diet are not immune from the stress of life. So all of us have stress, we strive to manage our lives to reduce stress but we will all have stress at some point. It some cases it will be unrelenting. This is where herbs can provide supportive and restorative benefits. For this purpose we are considering the role of adaptogenic herbs adrenal stress. 

Dr. Mary Bove has a long history as a naturopathic healer and herbalist. She also has a long history with Gaia Herbs. We will discuss the adaptogenic herbs individually and in combination that support adrenal health. We will also discuss a few of the reasons why Gaia Herbs is such a highly respected company and worthy of your consideration and trust. 

Adaptogenic herbs for daily support:

  • Ashwagandha helps nourish and restore optimal nervous and immune system health by supporting normal mood, energy levels and overall immune function.*
  • Holy Basil, which Gaia grows on its Certified Organic farm, also promotes feelings of emotional well-being and supports a healthy inflammatory response.*
  • Wild Oats support healthy nerve system function and offer support for occasional tension associated with normal, day-to-day stress.*
  • Rhodiola is a potent herb that is thought to help the body adapt to stress in a healthy way.* Ecologically harvested from the pristine alpine meadows of Siberia, Gaia Herbs’ Rhodiola optimizes energy levels while promoting a healthy mood.*
  • Schisandra  is considered a Harmonizing Tonic or “King” remedy in Chinese Medicine.

These five herbs are found in Gaia’s Adrenal Health Daily Support as well as individually. Combinations of herbs are considered synergistic providing a more overall effect. There is also an Adrenal Health Jump Start formula and Adrenal Health Nightly Restore.

Meet Your Herbs
 Meet Your Herbs is an amazing component of Gaia Herbs tracability and transparency commitment. When I tell you there are distinctions between companies and products, this is very clearly illustrated by Gaia Herbs. How does a company earn your trust? If you don’t know about companies like Gaia then you might think all herbal products are the same. If you are listening to our podcasts then you are already a commited consumer. For that reason I think you will appreciate learning about Gaia Herbs Meet Your Herbs program.

Meet Your Herbs now goes beyond transparency and traceability—allowing you to learn more about your herbs before ending in the bottle. Go straight to the source, and take a virtual walk on the farm. Watch as the herbs are planted, cultivated and harvested. 

Then, enter the ID number located on the back of any Gaia Herbs product to view all the traceable aspects of each herbal component of your product. You can track your product back to the beginning and every step along the way. Learn how science validates each step in the process from seed to shelf and explore each individual herb to learn about the uses, history and function. Gaia Herbs is one of the very few companies that have commited to this degree. 

Dr. Mary Bove
Dr. Mary Bove is a pioneer in modern herbal medicine in the West. A naturopathic physician, she is the Director of Medical Education for Gaia Herbs and a founding member of Gaia’s Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Bove received her doctorate of naturopathic medicine and midwifery certification from Bastyr College of Nature Health Sciences in Seattle, Washington. She received her diploma of cytotherapy and herbal medicine at the School of Cytotherapy in Great Britain. Before coming to Gaia Herbs, Dr. Bove practiced naturopathic family medicine for 25 years. She is the author of “Encyclopedia of Natural Healing for Children and Infants” and the co-author of Herbs for Women’s Health. She has been published in many magazines, journals and other collaborative books on botanical and natural medicine. She also teaches internationally and is the formulator for many of Gaia’s products.




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