335 – The Risks of Glyphosate and How to Reduce Exposure

Glyphosate is a risk to human and environmental health.

Dr. Erin Stokes

This is a very interesting interview with Dr. Erin Stokes. I have learned a lot about the risks of glyphosate (Round Up) in the course of researching this topic. The emerging worldwide problem with glyphosate is the profoundly negative impact throughout the food chain.

I think we all like to believe that products are thoroughly tested before coming to the market. We are led to believe that chemicals that are new and foreign to the environment are only beneficial and that risks are low. It is over time that the real risks and damage have started to become apparent.

In this interview Dr. Stokes discusses her concerns about the risks of glyphosate and she discusses why this is important to MegaFood as a company. As you may know MegaFood uses hundreds of thousands of pound of fresh food in their products. You may also know that they source organic produce and partner with organic growers in order to provide the cleanest and most nutritious products. We have discussed this in great detail in previous interviews.

What you may not know is what MegaFood has done recently to address this concern over glyphosate in the food chain. MegaFood has made a very serious commitment to this issue.

First: MegaFood is the first supplement manufacturer to be certified glyphosate residue free by the Detox Project. MegaFood is serious about confirming that their products do not contain any glyphosate residue. This is how a company puts it money where it’s mouth is.

We have discussed MegaFood certifications in past interviews as well. Third Party certifications are an important way for companies to confirm their commitments and to prove them to be true. This is one of the most important ways for consumers to gain confidence in companies. Look for certifications.

MegaFood Certifications

MegaFood also spearheaded and delivered a petition to EPA to examine glyphosate and take steps to ensure safety throughout the food chain. Social responsibility if one important mark of a committed company.

Here are some links to help you further your knowledge.

Glyphosate: A Destroyer of Gut Health? By Dr. Erin Stokes.

How to Avoid Glyphosate at the Breakfast Table. By Bethany Davis. I also have an interview with Bethany who experienced glyphosate toxicity.

Breakfast With a Dose of Roundup? Environmental Working Group (EWG) found glyphosate in 43 out of 45 conventional breakfast cereals.

What’s the world’s most widely used herbicide doing to tiny critters? Environmental Health News. Glyphosate-based herbicides are not supposed to harm wildlife. But lab studies keep finding otherwise.

The Detox Project Certification: Glyphosate Residue Free certification verifies that food and supplement products do not contain the world’s most used herbicide.

About Dr. Erin Stokes, N.D.
Dr. Erin Stokes is a Naturopathic Doctor and the Medical Director at FoodState/MegaFood. Erin received her Naturopathic Doctor degree from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington, in 2001. She combines her experience as a Naturopathic Doctor with an extensive background in the natural products industry. Erin’s personal mission is to empower people with the inspiration and tools to change their lives. Dr. Stokes practices naturopathic medicine in Boulder, CO.


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