102 – The MegaFood Approach to Inflammation – My Interview with Stacey Gillespie


Maintaining a healthy whole body inflammation response

Stacey GillespieInflammation is one of the hot button topics that stimulates a lot of discussion. How can we explore the subject in an informative manner? There is a lot of confusion about inflammation and it’s role in human health. Is inflammation a cause or a result of dysfunction. Can it be both? Is inflammation a disease or a symptom, or is it a natural response to some dysfunction in our health? There are many thoughts and opinions on this and they don’t all agree. It is your challenge and responsibility to understand the role of inflammation in your unique case, and determine your best path.

In this interview, we will examine the MegaFood approach to inflammation. MegaFood has partnered with Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Tiereona LowDog to create a formula to address a healthy whole body healthy inflammation response. They have created a product called Extinguish. We will explore this product and the rationale for the formula. There are many products available to support a normal, healthy inflammatory status. MegaFood Extinguish is unique in it’s formulation and we will discuss each nutrient and it’s role in the formula.

It is critical to remember that the use of a supplement for inflammation is just one of many things you could or should do to address your health issues. Things such as lifestyle, diet, exercise, genetics, trauma, medical and so on, are different for each person, and your solution will likely be unique for you. Ask yourself, why do I have this problem? The more you understand your personal situation, the more likely you are to find ways of moving towards better health. A formula for inflammation support can be an important part of your solution, but should not be the only one. You must identify and address any underlying factors.

MegaFood has partnered with Dr. Andrew Weil and you can find his approach at his website where he has a discussion of inflammation and provides details on an anti-inflammatory diet and food pyramid. CLICK HERE to go to Dr. Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet webpage.

About Extinguish
Extinguish’s premium formula of health-promoting herbs, fruits, and spices offers a full spectrum of protective phytonutrients, blended synergistically, so the ingredients work together to promote whole body wellness and maintain a healthy inflammatory response.

  • Extinguish was formulated to help address and manage the underlying conditions associated with igniting an inflammation response in the body.
  • Curcumin, the most bioactive compound in turmeric root has been shown in clinical research to help maintain a healthy whole body inflammation response.
  • To enhance the absorption and effectiveness of curcumin and other herbs in Extinguish, Bioperine, a patented extract of black pepper was included.
  • Emerging research has identified prolonged stress to be a contributing factor to a inflammatory response in the body. Holy Basil leaf is an ancient Indian herb well-known to help promote a healthy stress response.
  • FoodState® Vitamin C made with whole oranges plus the Protective Garden Harvest Fruit Blend, provides a bounty of protective phytonutrients and antioxidants known to help protect the health of cells and tissues.

For more information on MegaFood, visit their website, and listen to my previous interview with Stacey Gillespie on the MegaFood difference.

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About Stacey Gillespie
Stacey Gillespie is currently the product formulator for MegaFood Whole Food Supplements. Stacey has over 20 years of experience in the natural products industry in marketing and developing dietary supplements. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry and Human Nutrition from the University of British Columbia and currently resides in New Hampshire with her husband and two daughters.

My Opinion
My personal opinion is that in order to have a healthy inflammation response, you must have a healthy omega-3 to omega-6 ratio and balance in the body. Most Americans have too much pro-inflammatory omega-6 and too little anti-inflammatory omega-3. You must shift this balance for long term support. We have many interviews here on HealthQuestPodcast.com that discuss this in detail. Listen to Dr. William Lands and Dr. Doug Bibus for good foundational knowledge.

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