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Adaptogenic Herbs to Nourish, Support and Balance the Entire Body – My interview with Dan Chapman

Mood & Stress Support
Dan Chapman

I learned a lot in this interview with Dan Chapman. Dan is the founder and CEO of Redd Remedies. I have known Dan for many years as the owner of 4 Sunrise Health Food stores prior to founding Redd Remedies. Now almost 15 years since Redd Remedies began and Dan and I decided to do this interview.

This interview with Dan turned out to be the perfect example of what you should look for in a company that makes the supplements you take. As a regular listener, you know that I believe you should explore and understand something about the companies you trust. Who do you trust and why do you trust them? Dan has created a company, a culture and a product of high standards that you should know about. This is a wonderful example of what good companies can do. I learned a lot more when I spoke with Dan and I’m sure this will be interesting for you as well. 

What makes a good company? You can’t tell from looking at the bottle. HealthQuestPodcast.com is mostly about making distinctions in the marketplace. There are huge distinctions to be made in all aspects of the supplement and health marketplace. If the consumer doesn’t care or is unwilling to explore the options, then they will just buy product for other reasons. If you are a regular visitor to HealthQuestPodcast.com, you are likely here because you do care and you are interested. So this interview is not only about the benefits of adaptogenic herbs but also about how Redd Remedies assures potency, purity and effectiveness of those adaptogenic herbs.

955 Testing for Pesticide and Toxic Compound Program

One of the astounding things that I learned is that Redd Remedies tests for 955 contaminants. I know of no other company that does this. This is not required by FDA or any laws. It speaks loudly that Redd Remedies is serious about clean products. These contaminants are ubiquitous in the environment. These tests exist because of the very real problem of contaminants in the raw materials from around the world. One does not pay to test for things that don’t exist or are not important. It says a lot about the environmental issues we all face that make it incumbent to test and verify. That’s if you care about what goes into your body. Dan Chapman is stating and his company is stating that they care about the quality of their products and you can trust them to create contaminant free products. Here’s some of what they test for:

  • Endocrine Disrupters
  •                 Synthetic Estrogens
  •                 18 different PCB’s
  •                 4 different PBB’s – flame retardant for plastics
  • 15 different PHS’s (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons)
  • 119 Industrial Impurities
  •                 Synthetic Dyes and fragrances, flame retardants, plasticizers, solvents, rocket fuel, gasoline detergents, disinfectants and preservatives.
  • 779 Pesticides and Pesticide Metabolites
  •                 25 Acaricides (mites and ticks)
  •                 165 Fundicides (fungus, mold, mildew)
  •                 240 Herbicides including glyphosate
  •                 309 Insectides
  •                 Also algaecides, avicides, rodenticides, plant hormones, microbicides, bactericides and nematocides
  • Organophhosphates
  • 24 Elemental Contaminants
  •                 6 toxic heavy metals, 11 other heavy metals, 6 industrial elements and 1 radioactive element (uranium)


That’s amazing. If you are curious about your supplements, contact any other companies you like and ask what tests they do on raw materials AND finished product. Any good company should be willing to share this information with consumers. If they don’t or won’t share this type of information certainly tells you something, at least about their commitment to transparency. Then you have the basis of a distinction. As far as Dan and I know, no other company even comes close to this extensive testing.

7 Adaptogenic Herbs to Manage Stress

This is the title of a booklet written by Master Herbalist Stacey Littlefield. In this interview, Dan discusses the foundational importance that certain adaptogenic herbs can play in human health. The following is excerpted with permission. If you would like to download a copy of this booklet CLICK HERE. Redd Remedies will provide a link for a free download.

“Herbs known as adaptogens have been used for thousands of years in nearly every traditional herbal system, including Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Adaptogens have drawn the interest of modern research due to their remarkable ability to help the body restore balance and adapt to physical, mental, emotional and environmental stress.*

Adaptogens have the unique ability to increase our resistance to stress – any kind of stress, whether it’s short term or chronic. By supporting a healthy and balanced stress response, adaptogens enhance physical and mental energy, vitality and endurance.* The definition of “adaptogen” includes the following criteria:

  • The herb must be safe and nontoxic.*
  • Adaptogens normalize body functions.*
  • They increase resistance to physical and mental stress.*

This booklet will address the following 7 Adaptogenic herbs: Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, Asian Ginseng, Astragalus, Reishi, Rhodiola and Schisandra.
These unique herbs have broad uses to support health and wellness.*

These herbs are renowned for their benefits for the stress of life. Stress is defined as the body’s reaction to a change that requires a physical, mental or emotional adjustment or response. Who doesn’t have stress? Both good stress can take a toll but it is more the negative stressors in our lives that create the “bad” stress.

When we take a closer look at stress related challenges, the observable symptoms are often just the tip of the iceberg. It is what underlies the surface that we need to address. We need to look deeper at our lifestyle and what may be the negative stressors. There can be many things that stress our body and mind. It is rarely about “one issue”. This is also part of your discovery, to identify what it is in your life that needs attention.

Just as the cause is likely to be multi-faceted; your solution is likely going to be a multi-pronged approach. Diet, home life, work life, health challenges, lack of exercise and possibly many other things adversely affect your life. Some of which you can do something about and others not so much. Whatever your challenge, managing stress is critical.

One thing you can do is use adaptogenic herbs and other nutrients to support health restoration and balance.* You can feel confident trying Redd Remedies products. It is your journey of discovery to find the products that work best for you. You can start by making sure you choose high quality products from caring companies. You should now have a better understanding of Redd Remedies and their products should work very well for you.

For some additional assurance, look to the awards that have been earned by Redd Remedies. Third party recognition is powerful confirmation and praise for their company. There are over a dozen awards for their products and you can visit that page for more details.

About Dan Chapman

Dan Chapman is the founder and CEO of Redd Remedies. Dan grew up around his family’s Sunrise Health Foods store in Lansing, IL. He has lived in the world of natural products his entire life.  After graduating from Trinity Christian College, Mr. Chapman returned to Sunrise to manage the business his parents started.

In 2005 Dan launched Redd Remedies with the same passion and commitment to helping people live healthy lives. With nationwide distribution and numerous awards, Redd Remedies is now a leading provider of natural health supplements and an advocate for a holistic approach to wellness. 

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