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100% Survivability of Just Thrive Probiotic® is the Key

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If you take a probiotic or have any digestive issues you are going to want to listen to this interview with Tina Anderson. Tina is the founder and CEO of Just Thrive Probiotics®. If you listen to HealthQuestPodcast.com, you know we have discussed probiotics many times. You may even think you know all there is to know about probiotics. That’s part of the problem: people think they understand all there is to know.

In this interview you are going to learn something new and profound about probiotics. There are a lot of important points we will touch upon. I urge you to follow the science and learn why Just Thrive Probiotic® is unique and why its benefits are like no other. At the very least, you could try Just Thrive® for 1 to 2 months and then judge for yourself. It may very well work better than your current probiotic. You won’t know unless you try. You can always go back if you wish. So here are some of the most important points:

Endospores – Just Thrive Probiotic® is comprised of endospore bacteria. Endospore probiotics are protected and dormant until reaching the necessary environment. Endospores are extremely hardy surviving over long times. They have an out shell that resists heat, stomach acid and even antibiotics.*

Complete Survival – Just Thrive Probiotic® survives the harsh gastric environment and arrive 100% intact. Studies have shown that many probiotics simply do not survive the harsh pH of the stomach. It could be as low as less than 1 %. It’s not how many cells are in the product when you take it, it’s about how many survive. HINT: Ask for survivability studies for the probiotics you take.*

Gut Reconditioning – Just Thrive Probiotic® does several amazing things in the gut. They read the microbiome and directly eliminate unfavorable and overgrown organisms. This shifts the balance of good and bad bacteria. Studies have shown that these strains create a 30% favorable shift in the microbiome.*

Metabolic Reconditioning – Just Thrive Probiotic® can drastically improve the production of short-chain fatty acids (SCFA). A 40% increase in SCFA production results in less fat storage, higher fat burn, improved insulin sensitivity, improved satiety, and reduced gut and systemic inflammation.*

Immunomodulation – Just Thrive Probiotic® have the unique capability to interact with the immune system and modulate it in a positive way. Spores can help your immune system detect and attack pathogens and toxins in the body. They may also suppress immune responses such as allergies and food sensitivities.*

Nutrient Production – Just Thrive Probiotic® contains Bacillus indicus which produces RDA levels of potent antioxidants including alpha and beta carotene, lycopene, lutein, astaxanthin and zeaxanthin. Bacillus indicus also produces vitamin K2, nattokinase, methylated B vitamins, CoQ10, and a full array of digestive enzymes. This is a powerful nutrient factory.*

Leaky Gut – A study conducted at the University of North Texas showed that Just Thrive Probiotic® could seal up leaky gut in 30 days.* Studies have suggested that up to 65% of Americans have leaky gut. Leaky gut has been identified as a cause of major chronic illness including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases and dementia etc.*

CLICK HERE to read the leaky gut study.

Long History – The bacillus spores used in Just Thrive Probiotic® have been used in the pharmaceutical market and have been extensively studied for safety and efficacy for over 60 years. Just Thrive is the first company to bring these pharmaceutical grade strains to the retail market.

DNA Verified – These strains have been DNA verified and licensed from Royal Holloway, University of London.

Dosage – 1 capsule every one to two days. Best taken with food.

Most probiotics do not survive the harsh pH of the stomach. A recent study compared Just Thrive Probiotic with a popular yogurt, a top brand Greek yogurt and a leading probiotic dietary supplement. Just Thrive Probiotic survived 100% while the others were LESS THAN 0.1% survival. Survivability is the key.

You can learn more by visiting ThriveProbiotic.com.

About Tina Anderson
Tina Anderson began her career as a trial lawyer. Once her second child arrived, Tina left that high-stress job behind so she could focus on her family. Tina turned her attention toward the field of natural health, and found her life’s work. She channeled her energy into learning all she could about disease prevention and good health maintenance. That led her to discover the importance of gut health and how connected and crucial it is for overall health and wellness. Tina along with her husband created a unique supplement that contains the superior probiotic strains of renowned researcher Dr. Simon Cutting. By promoting gut health and probiotics, Tina shares her passion for wellness, helping others live their best physical and emotional lives.

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1 Bruce Jala June 30, 2019 at 6:58 am

Your podcast mentioned a link to a 30 study that was conducted by an independent lab on your product. I was unable to find such a link on your website. Can you please furnish me with this study or link?


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