145 – Black Elderberry Extract for Flu Support – My Interview with Dean Morris

Black elderberry extract helps you fight flu viruses.

Dean MorrisNatural Immune SupportI have used Nature’s Way Sambucus Elderberry Extract for many years. Most years I have not needed it because I have not had the flu in many years. But I always keep it on hand, because I know if I start getting sick, I am going to take a lot of it as part of my attack arsenal. I take a lot of things when I feel myself coming down with something. I take them as soon as I can. I have found that taking my supplements at the first sign will almost always stop a problem from emerging. Even in the middle of the night. However if I wait to get started, it will inevitably take longer to be symptom free. I have learned not to hesitate and I have learned to have what I will need on hand.

This year is different. The flu that is going around is particularly nasty. I am in contact with others often and I want my body to be prepared as possible. Part of my strategy is using three of Nature’s Way products. I have been taking Rapi-Defense daily. I have just started taking Sambucus on a daily basis and I have Umcka in my cupboard should something bronchial develop. I like using scientifically validated products and Nature’s Way has some of the best. These products are a part of my nutritional war chest.

virus and manOur interview is focused on Black Elderberry extract which has an inhibitory affect on flu virus. There are a lot of elderberry products on the market. How do you choose? Look for a company that has a long history. Nature’s Way is one of the founding herbal companies in the natural herbal products industry. Their parent company Schwabe, has a history of herbal medicine in Europe going back over 15o years. These are examples of companies that clearly set the highest standard. As a company, they also grow their elderberry. This means control of the entire process from farms to finished product. Consistency is an important component. Nature’s Way has a broad variety of Sambucus products, so you can tailor your program.

Nature's Way SambucusQuote from WebMD ” Studies have found that elderberry eases flu symptoms like fever, headache, sore throat, fatigue, cough, and body aches. The benefits seem to be greatest when started within 24 to 48 hours after the symptoms begin. One study found that elderberry could cut the duration of flu symptoms by more than 50%. Lab studies have found that elderberry might be effective against H1N1, or swine flu. CLICK HERE to read more.

Do not wait until you become sick to do something. Develop a strategy to bolster your defenses. A person that is well nourished will do better than one who is not. If you defenses are strengthened you will resist more. Not everyone will get the flu. What makes the difference? You can influence your immunity. If you feel something  beginning, if you treat immediately upon the first symptom you can reduce the development. If you do become sick, your chances of having a less severe event and possibly a shorter duration are distinctly possible. So there is ever reason to get prepared. Be proactive.

About Dean Morris
As a fifth-generation herbalist, Dean grew up on herbs and has diverse experience in organic horticulture, the natural foods industry and healthcare. Taught by his father to grow lady slipper orchids and other herbs, Dean went on to farm 165 acres of organic herbs in the 80’s. While attending Brigham Young University in pre-professional nutrition, he worked for a nationally distributed dietary supplement manufacturer. After college, he served as dean of admissions, author, editor and teacher for John R. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing.

In 1997, Dean was invited to help form a multi-disciplinary alternative medicine team and was granted full practicing privileges as an herbalist at the Columbia hospital Miami Heart Institute in Miami Beach, Florida. From there, he was recruited by Nature’s Way to be their senior educator, formulator, director of new products, and director of technical services. In 2009, Dean resumed fulltime directorship of Nebo Health, a consultancy for the dietary supplement industry.

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