436 – Thyme Out Addresses All Types of Skin Problems

Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Sunburn, Bug Bites, Itch and Rashes

436 - Thyme Out Addresses All Types of Skin Problems

The SAFE and NATURAL Alternative to Skin Issues

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All Natural Eczema Treatment- Psoriasis Treatment – An All-in-One Solution for Acne, Dermatitis, Rosacea, Cold Sores, Pet Rashes, Bug Bites, and Poison Ivy – Anti-Itch Spray for Itchy Skin Relief for Kids, Adults, and Babies

  • ECZEMA RELIEF – Get the relief you need from eczema symptoms with Thyme Out’s natural, but effective powers.
  • ANTI ITCH SPRAY – Say goodbye to rashes, inflammation, redness, and irritation with our thyme-infused formula that provides instant, soothing relief for itching skin.
  • PSORIASIS PROTECTION – Empower your skin with Thyme Out’s natural, but extremely effective properties that work together to alleviate symptoms of psoriasis.
  • ACNE – Say goodbye to breakouts with Thyme Out’s powerful antiseptic properties that unclog pores and calm inflammation for a clearer complexion.
  • ALL NATURAL – Experience the best of nature with our thyme-infused formula that delivers skin-soothing benefits without any harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients.

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Thyme Out

Eczema: Eczema is a common systemic skin condition that affects millions.  While the direct source cause in many cases often stems from gut issues, that is a long term project for most people to determine what to remove/add/ or modify in their diet and supplements to gain victory over it.  In the short term, Thyme Out addresses the day to day battle and allows sufferers to WIN daily by aggressively using Thyme Out for 3-5 days, typically applying with sprayer 15 times or so daily.  Then, once the issue is under control, they can use Thyme Out once daily to keep the symptoms at bay and live a normal life while they potentially search for the long term solution.  We are about winning the daily battle while you work on winning the war.

Eczema is a skin inflammation at its most basic form, and Thyme Out acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory soothing the skin and changing the feeling and appearance in days.  It is also a powerful anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial so it can attack the trigger source that leads to an outbreak and give quick relief.  It is almost always one or more of these triggers that cause an outbreak to the lowered immunity for the sufferer of Eczema.  This is why Thyme Out provides such powerful relief and results so quickly.

Psoriasis:  Similar to Eczema as a form of skin inflammation, Thyme Out once again attacks all 3 triggers that lead to an outbreak while simultaneously giving instant skin inflammation relief.  Use it aggressively to WIN daily by using Thyme Out for 3-5 days, typically applying with sprayer 15 times or so daily.  Then, once the issue is under control, they can use Thyme Out once daily to keep the symptoms at bay and live a normal life while they potentially search for the long term solution.  We are about winning the daily battle while you work on winning the war.

Acne: is caused by a bacterium called Propionibacterium Acnes which infects the skin pore and then results in the skin reacting to that infection in the form of a pimple. Currently, the most common treatments for acne are antibiotics or a topical cream or wash containing the chemical benzoyl peroxide. These treatments are often associated with side-effects, for example benzoyl peroxide often causes a burning sensation on the skin and irritation. A recent study done at the University of Leeds in the UK showed amazing results of a Thyme tincture when compared to Benzoyl Peroxide. Thyme proved significantly more powerful at killing Propionibacterium acnes, the bacteria that causes acne, than ANY other acne medication. This means that not only is Thyme Out the best Natural Treatment for Acne but also the Best Treatment for Acne!

Further, unlike the many side effects from Benzoyl Peroxide including irritated skin leading to redness, dry skin, and bleaching of clothing, Thyme has NONE of these issues. In fact, since Thyme has strong anti-inflammation properties, the product can soothe the skin naturally. Thyme has a rich history, dating back to ancient Rome, of being considered beneficial for skin tone and having both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Today that tradition is being proven with studies verifying these benefits.

Thyme Out is cold steeped for weeks with organic Thyme to draw out all the amazing properties of this incredible herb. We then add pure Aloe Vera to add even more skin soothing to this one of a kind product.

The result? A pure, all natural acne treatment that quickly treats breakouts, acts as a defense barrier against future breakouts, and one that soothes and firms skin without drying and without any irritation. Used in conjunction with a quality salicylic acid wash or other deep cleansing wash, you will never need another acne treatment.

So throw away your irritating, drying acne creams…..cancel your reorders of expensive treatments like Pro-Active* which is notorious for drying skin……your all purpose acne treatment is here!!

Cold Sores: This viral triggered inflammation to the mouth area is no match when using Thyme Out aggressively.  The skin inflammation is soothed immediately and the viral source is attacked quickly with this amazing all natural product.

Poison Ivy & Bug Bites: This skin inflammation affects many people each year and Thyme Out quickly stops the itching and shrinks the rashes and bumps.  The more you use it, the quickly the results.

SUNBURN: You’ll never go back to using sticky aloe gel.  All you do is spray Thyme Out on the affected area and you’ll get instant relief.  Keep spraying and the power anti-inflammatory will make the red go away and possibly even stop the skin from peeling if you use it often.

Deodorant: That’s right…the same anti-bacterial properties of Thyme Out also fight the bacteria that causes underarm odor. Use it as a natural base to the skin before applying a fragrance coverup and you’ll see a significant increase in the time that odor is held back. (irritation may occur if applied to recently shaved underarms)

Anti-fungal: Once again, the amazing anti-fungal properties of Thyme Out allow you to apply it to fungal breakouts on feet, etc. You’ll see better results than with store bought fungal treatments as the thyme instantly begins to kill fungus on contact. End Excerpt

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Andrew Klenert

Andrew Klenert

Andrew Klenert is the President and Founder of Thyme Out Skin Remedy  In 2012, he began his recent journey with Thyme Out having seen a shortage of real natural products for skin issues in the marketplace and having his own issue to solve. Through contacts at a U.K. university, he was given the formula to replicate the ancient Roman (with some Greek influence) remedy for skin issues using several species of the herb Thyme.  Upon seeing it’s amazing properties, Andrew quickly created a brand around this ancient herbal wisdom and started Thyme Out to make it accessible to everyone.

Andrew is an avid entrepreneur and inventor in fields ranging from the beauty to health to medical to education to the auto industry. He co-created a unique biofuel that allowed average people to make a simple homemade diesel fuel for under $0.50 a gallon and save them money during the last fuel price spike.  He worked with an engineering firm and created a life saving pressure controlled drug dispensing syringe that will soon be on the market to minimize human error.  He even created a unique quick attach/release dog leash for those with physical disabilities.

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