Code of Ethics

I have made certain choices and distinctions regarding the content that I post on Health Quest Podcast. In the spirit of transparency, I think it is helpful for you to know how we operate. Our code of ethics defines for you what you can expect from Health Quest Podcast.

My guests are the best experts I can find for a particular topic. Sometimes, but not always, the guest will have a connection with a product and/or a company. I will reveal to you when there is a connection. There is often a connection because there is a need for research and researchers need support for their research. So there will be connections and sometimes a vested interest. This does not invalidate the research, but it will show a shared interest. You as a consumer have a vested interest in learning from the best experts from the best companies. That is who I interview.

Guests may have one or more of the following connections and it is fair for you to know these relationships.
Guest may be an independent researcher who has a personal interest or knowledge of the subject.
Guest may be a professional who is a consultant or adviser to a company.
Guest may be a researcher who was contracted to perform research on a particular product.
Guest may be an author who has written on the subject.
Guest may be the developer of the product.
Guest may be the owner or employee of the company.

Health Quest Podcast does not sell supplements. There is no shopping cart. Health Quest Podcast is an informational resource. My passion is education and research. There are many places you can purchase your supplements. You don’t need another place to buy. What you need is a resource that you can rely on for credible, reliable and accurate information. My goal is to bring you the best information about the best products.

For products, I believe that you are best served by working with an independent provider that can provide personal service. Your health care team could include your doctor, nutritional adviser, independent health food store and of course Health Quest Podcast.

My sponsors are chosen by me. I do not allow companies to just buy their way into Health Quest Podcast. The companies that are sponsors of my show were chosen by me because I respect them and the products they make. I want my audience to know who some of the best companies are and why you can have confidence in them. You will never go wrong buying a product from good companies. There are many good companies and I am proud to have some of the best supporting the efforts of Health Quest Podcast.

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