026 – Live from Expo West – Interviews with Dr. Parris Kidd, Steve Alexander and Jay Levy

My live radio show from Expo West. The world’s largest natural products trade show

Steve LankfordEvery March I attend Natural Products Expo West. This is where the best of the alternative products suppliers, retailers, authors,  doctors, and researchers all come together to see what’s new. And to learn about the most recent science and most innovative products in the natural products industry. Most well-known perhaps is Dr. Andrew Weil, who spoke on his newest book Spontaneous Happiness.

Some of you may not know that I also co-host a radio show in Florida with Al Forman,  called Tunies Health Line. Al and I we able to do a live broadcast from the floor of the trade show just moments before the place was over run with tens of thousands of retailers from all over the world. This episode of Health Quest Podcast is an edited version of that show.

In the show we talk to Dr. Parris Kidd, Chief Scientific Officer for Doctor’s Best, about the importance of scientific studies to validate the best products and practices for nutritional benefit. Next we talk to Steve Alexander and the most recent and upcoming clinical studies on Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract. The most recent study looked at how Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract showed benefits in improving immune health. In the last segment we talk to Jay Levy about what makes Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract unique. One thing is their portfolio of nearly 700 clinical studies done specifically on their unique garlic.

I think you will find these interesting. During the show, I also did short interviews with some key experts in the natural products industry and I will be bringing these to you shortly. These include Dr. Michael Murray, Dr. Kari Marshall, and Dr. Erin Stokes among others. These are some of the key experts who drive some of the innovations in the natural products industry and you should know about them.

It is through many years in the natural products industry, that one learns who is credible, and which companies can be trusted. It is only those experts, aligned with the worlds best nutritional companies, that I will bring to you here on Health Quest Podcast. The information we present here is accurate and reliable. We encourage you to validate the information you hear from us. We all need to learn more and that is what I am here to help you do. With knowledge comes power to make better choices.

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