038 – Five To Thrive – Cancer Prevention Plan – My Interview with Karolyn Gazella

How epigenetics is changing the way we look at cancer.

Karolyn GazellaIn this interview with Karolyn Gazella, we will explore the factors that influence your genes. Your genes are not your destiny. That is the powerful message of Five To Thrive. Karolyn discusses the five internal pathways that you can target and for which there is good evidence to support their importance to your health. The big news is that these specific actions can have a profound influence on your genetic expression. The fact that you can have specific influence on how your genes behave is exciting new science.

The five pathways explored in this book are immune, inflammation, hormones, insulin resistance and digestion/detoxification. Each of these pathways are explored fully to help you discover which factors have been shown to have the most influence. This is a very personal journey for Karolyn. Her family carries the genes that influence breast and ovarian cancers. Karolyn is a 17 year thriver of ovarian cancer, so she personally understands this disease.

Five to ThriveIf you have cancer or have a family member or friend with cancer, this book will be a great practical resource of seemingly simple yet profound steps you can take to reduce your risks and improve your health. The guidance found in this book can help anyone live a healthier life. You should also listen to the previous podcast with Dr. Lise Alschuler, the co-author of this book. Dr. Alschuler and Karolyn also co-authored another ground breaking book you should consider, Cancer – The Definitive Guide. This book is a perfect complement to Five To Thrive and is highly recommended. You can also check out their website fivetothriveplan.com.

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