037 – Five To Thrive – Cancer Prevention Plan – My Interview with Dr. Lise Alschuler, ND

How to Transform Your Internal Landscape

Dr. Lise AlschulerDr. Alschuler is the co-author, with Karolyn Gazella, of Five To Thrive, Your Cutting Edge Cancer Prevention Plan. In this interview, Dr. Alschuler discusses the concept of epigenetics. Cutting edge research suggests that we can influence our genes and that we can influence genetic expression towards better health. Our genes are not our destiny. This groundbreaking cancer prevention plan will show you how to influence the way your cells behave to create an internal environment that moves you away from disease and towards vibrant health.

Five to ThriveDr. Alschuler discusses the five pathways by which you can influence your genes. They are immune, inflammation, hormonal, insulin resistance and digestion/detoxification. By targeting the specific pathways in very specific ways you can influence your personal genetic expression.

Dr. Alschuler is a highly respected naturopathic oncologist and is a frequent speaker to both consumers and healthcare professionals. Her specialty is the topic of integrative cancer prevention and treatment. Dr. Alschuler is also a breast cancer survivor. Dr. Alschuler is also the co-author of Cancer – The Definitive Guide.

In my next podcast, I will interview Karolyn Gazella, co-author with Dr. Alschuler of Five To Thrive.

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