093 – Maitake Mushroom and Blood Sugar Support – My Interview with Mark Kaylor

Part 3 of 4 – Maitake SX Fraction Helps Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar

Mark KaylorIn less than ten years, maitake mushroom (Grifola frondosa) has gone from obscurity to super-stardom in the American dietary supplement market. For centuries, maitake has commanded high regard in traditional Chinese medicine and Japanese herbology as both a food and a medicine. Today, scientific research substantiates the value of a maitake extract called SX-fraction as a nutritional adjuvant for preventing and treating diabetes and a group of dangerous health conditions known as Syndrome X.

In this episode, Mark will discuss nutritional support for healthy blood sugar levels. He will discuss the problem of syndrome X (metabolic syndrome) and the best ways to manage these levels. There are many ways to influence blood sugar levels and it is important that you include them in your lifestyle. Mark will discuss some of the lifestyle elements you need to include in your life. He discusses the various nutrients that are critical for the body to function properly. We will explore the Maitake SX-Fraction extract and it’s benefits. Maitake SX-Fraction has been clinically studied and shown to have profound effects for maintaining health blood sugar levels.

Maitake MushroomIt is suggested that blood sugar issues are becoming epidemic. Why is that? One has to look closely at the average American lifestyle with it’s poor diet, limited physical activity and lack of awareness of what to do. Our doctor’s are often not much help when the first method of treatment is a pharmaceutical drug. The medical model is predicated on bringing down elevated blood sugar without regard as to why it is high and what needs to change in one’s lifestyle. Another problem with the medical model is that it is questionable whether this therapy actually extends life. Some of the drugs have been found to be dangerous. When we lower blood sugar with drugs only, then we are missing the opportunity to become healthier. Becoming healthier involves including those lifestyle changes that lead to better health.

Here is a recent post on BioResearch Update: April 4, 2013 – Japan   SX-fraction (called Grislin in Japan), a proprietary extract derived from Maitake Mushroom, has been patented in three countries.  Japan, the US and Canada, entitled, “A Glycoprotein with Anti-diabetic, Anti-hypertensive, Anti-obesity and Anti-hyperlipidemic effects.”

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For more information:  Go to BioResearch Update. BioResearch Update documents breakthrough research and insightful information about medicinal mushrooms.  Here you can read about the clinical studies that can reveal some of these impressive benefits.

To review more studies go to PubMed, the government clearing house for clinical studies. There I found 272 references for maitake, 36 references for maitake d fraction, 31 references for SX fraction and 22 references for Lion’s Mane.

About Mark Kaylor

Mark J. Kaylor, Ph.D, C.N., M.H., is Vice President of Research & Education for Mushroom Wisdom. He has been a holistic healing practitioner and educator in southern California for 10 years. He has worked at a variety of levels in natural health retail, consulted with companies in formulating products and provided herbal training and formulas for national herbal extract manufacturers.  In his efforts to share the gift of healing he has lectured internationally, written numerous articles, and appears frequently on radio and television. Mark has also co-authored a book entitled “SX-Fraction and Syndrome X” which details much about this innovative extract.

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