313 – Gut Health is About More Than Probiotics

A balanced microbiome and the gut-brain connection support better overall wellness.

Digestive Support

In this interview with Dr. Audrey Ross, we will explore the human microbiome. But this is not an interview about probiotics. It is about how we can support the microbiome that exists in each of us. Whatever probiotic you take, or even if you don’t take a probiotic, it is critical that we understand that beneficial bacteria are only one part of the picture. We will discuss why this is important and we’ll discuss a novel new approach to supporting gut health

Emerging science is showing a link between our gut and multiple other functions in the body. The gut/brain connection has been scientifically established since the 1990’s. This connection is being seen as a critical component for optimal personal health.

Imagine probiotics as seeds. If we plant seeds in a hostile environment, they won’t flourish. If seeds are planted in good soil they will do better, but the plants that emerge need nourishment, water and to be protected in order to provide the benefits. This is similar to your microbiome. If the environment is poor, or inhabited by bad bacteria you won’t do well. If your good bacteria aren’t well nourished your microbiome suffers and becomes more vulnerable to dysbiosis, (a negative imbalance in gut bacteria).

It sometimes seems we have gotten stuck with the idea that probiotics are the magic solution to gut health. We now see probiotics thrown into foods and supplements as a marketing tool and little else. People are so confused that they often just do nothing or the buy cheap products thinking all probiotics are the same and provide equal benefit.

Make no mistake; probiotics are very important for supporting overall health. We have many interviews here discussing some of the challenges and how to find quality probiotics you can trust. We have learned that there are very important distinctions in probiotic products and you have to start by identifying companies that you can trust. Is just that there is much more to the story and that is the point of this interview with Dr. Ross.

What should you know about your Microbiota/Microbiome?

  • The microbiome is comprised of the trillions of microbes (bacteria, fungi, viruses) the human body hosts.*
  • The microbiome is critical for maintaining health – physical and emotional*
  • The microbiome is often referred to as the “second brain” containing the second largest number of neurons in the body. A troubled intestine can send signals to the brain and a troubled brain can send signals to the gut.*
  • The microbiome supports digestion, cognition, sleep, energy, weight, mood and stress response*
  • Each person has their own unique microbiome

What are the benefits of a balanced microbiome?

  • Helps maintain a strong gut lining helping to maintain the gut barrier function*
  • Allows for proper signaling between the gut and brain*
  • Supports healthy gut good bacteria (probiotics) *
  • Enables metabolite function*

Gut Connection™ Products

Country Life Vitamin has created an innovative family of products called Gut Connection™. These are not probiotics. That is the first distinction. Gut Connection™ is a unique family of 8 products designed to support various systems that are affected by gut health. The targeted systems are digestive, immune, cognitive, stress, sleep, mood, energy and weight. While each product is unique, each of the products share one very important ingredient: EpiCor®. Gut Connection™ is the first and only products containing the fully clinically studied dose of EpiCor®.

I am familiar with EpiCor® and I have interviewed the scientists that created this amazing ingredient. EpiCor® is a whole food fermentate prebiotic clinically shown to support gut health. Fermentation releases the nutritional power of food.* As a result of the unique fermentation process EpiCor® contains amino acids, beta glucans, polyphenols, vitamins and beneficial metabolites.* It increases certain short chain fatty acids that are essential for gut health*

The foundational nutrient for Gut Connection™ is Epicor®. Each of the eight formulas contains other nutrients that support human health.* EpiCor® and Gut Connection support a healthy shift in gut microbiota composition. Gut Connection products do not contain probiotics. They nourish your microbiome and are compatible with any probiotic you take. Gut Connections make your probiotics happy and more effective.* They can be used with any other digestive aid and they can be customize to your specific area of interest.

Dr. Ross discussed digestive aids in a previous interview.

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Dr. Audrey Ross, ND

Dr. Ross works for Country Life Vitamins as an educator. She has a PhD in Naturopathy as well as a degree in Marketing. Dr. Ross ran a naturopathic consulting practice in Texas and worked with medical doctors, providing nutritional consultations for patients. Dr. Ross has a passion for teaching and has conducted seminars on nutrition, weight loss, stress reduction, etc. She co-authored a book on female hormone management in 2000. Her passion and knowledge bridges the divide between allopathic and naturopathic health care.

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