164 – Natural Therapies for Depression and Anxiety – My Interview with Ross Pelton

If you have depression or anxiety, listen to this interview.

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Ross PeltonIt is now estimated that 11% of Americans are taking antidepressants (over 30 million) and millions more are taking benzodiazepines for anxiety. These drugs have serious side effects, are very addictive, and in most cases are inappropriate therapy. In 2008, an investigative report was published in the New England Journal of Medicine which shockingly revealed that the FDA & pharmaceutical companies lie to physicians and the general public by overstating the benefits and minimizing or ignoring side effects of antidepressant drugs.

Between 1987 and 2004, there were 74 clinical trials on antidepressant drugs registered with the FDA. It turns out that 49% of these trials had negative outcomes and a large percentage of these negative trials were not published (hidden) so that physicians and the general public would not become aware of them. Even more disturbing was the revelation that some antidepressant drug trials that had negative results were published in a way that “spun” their outcomes to appear positive.

depressionWhere can consumers learn about depression and anxiety? Is there a trustworthy source of information about causes, treatments and alternatives? I am happy to say there is a good resource. In this interview with natural pharmacist Ross Pelton, we will give you an introduction to natural alternatives for depression and anxiety. Ross has created an online Webinar course that you can take on your schedule. The course is over 4 hours long and is divided into 39 video segments which run on average between 5 to 7 minutes long. Here are some of the major topics that he presents in this course:

A review of a wide range of natural therapies for depression & anxiety
Antidepressant & anti-anxiety drugs: how they work & their side effects
Controversies in psychiatry: thought & opinion leaders speak out
Diet & lifestyle factors that influence mind, mood, emotions & behavior
Nutrients required for neurotransmitter production
Gut-brain communication; A revolution in psychiatry
How gut bacteria are linked to obesity, depression and anxiety
The Bundle Damage Theory of depression & how to heal damaged brain neurons

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HealthQuestPodcast.com does not receive any payments if you choose to enroll. Our goal is to help you take advantage of this highly valuable resource. Ross has created a 10 minute introduction to the course so you can hear him describe what the course entails. CLICK on the happy face.

About Ross Pelton
The_Natural_PharmacistRoss Pelton is a pharmacist, a certified clinical nutritionist, author and educator. Ross is the author of six books on a variety of health topics: The Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion Handbook, The Nutritional Cost of Drugs, 2nd Edition,  The Natural Therapeutics Pocket Guide, How To Prevent Breast Cancer, Alternatives In Cancer Therapy, and Mind Food and Smart Pills. You can learn more about Ross Pelton at his website, NaturalPharmacist.net.

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