249 – Behind the Scenes at NutriGold Supplements – My Interview with Chad Kelly

It’s what you don’t see that matters.


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One of the great pleasures as host of Health Quest Podcast is that I get to work with the best companies in the nutritional products industry. For over 40 years I have been a part of the movement that consistently and with passion has championed better food and nutrition as the key to better health. It is because of the work of pioneering individuals and companies that we are here today. Much has changed over 40 years. But even as things change there are certain things that remain constant. High quality nutritional supplements don’t happen by accident. It is relatively easy to make a cheap supplement. The challenge is to set the highest standards and maintain those standards throughout a company and culture. The good news is that there is a strong movement among high quality supplement manufacturers to share with consumers the efforts and successes being made. This interview is with one of those top tier companies.

I have often said companies need two things to succeed; image and substance. A company with image but no substance is selling you fluff. A company with substance and no image, gets lost because no one knows about them or what they do. You want to buy from companies that have substance first as that is the most important attribute. It is when you want to look deeper into the substance of a company that the distinctions become clearer. That’s what this interview is exploring with Chad Kelly, Senior Educator for NutriGold Supplements. While this interview is exploring NutriGold as a company, the topics and examples should be educational to you as a consumer. I suggest that you visit the NutriGold.com website and explore their content about their company. We are only touching the surface today so go to the website to learn more. As you learn more, you can compare how well other companies meet the highest standards.

Our interview focuses on the following four key concepts that drive NutriGold as a company:

  1. Sustainability. Sustainability is defined as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Within the context of dietary supplements, consumers understand sustainability as products that are made responsibly using non-GMO, organic, locally sourced and eco-friendly ingredients and materials.

2. Quality. Quality refers to the extent to which a product meets the expectations and needs of its consumers. Among supplement users, definitions of quality include what is in the product and what is not. Products are evaluated on being authentic, pure, safe and effective. Consumer demand products that are clean label with proven, nourishing whole food ingredients and free of harmful additives, preservative, artificial ingredients, contaminants and allergens.

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intentions, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” – William A. Foster.

3. Accountability. Accountability is defined as “an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions. ” Within the supplement space, this can take the form of self-affirmed and/or third party certifications of quality. (This is becoming more important.) Emerging trends show that consumers expect everyone along the supply chain, including retailers, to be accountable for product quality and safety. This includes testing by third party labs to validate product quality and restore consumer confidence in the safety and authenticity of supplements.

4. Transparency. Transparency is defined as “being honest, open and free from pretense or deceit.” For companies, this translates into providing accessibility to information concerning business practices. Authentic transparency goes beyond sharing marketing information. It also requires being willing to admit mistakes, and to respect customers enough to tell them the truth.

In this interview, Chad Kelly will discuss how and why NutriGold has set this very high standard. What NutriGold does is exceptional. When we take a quick look at the four standards it may seem that these are not so unique. Doesn’t every company do this? No, every company does not do these things. That is the point of this interview. We are going to explore these distinctions, and as I mentioned, when you look deeper into a company, you can quickly learn whether this is a credible company or not. The sad truth is that many companies who have jumped on the nutrition band wagon have no interest or intention of making the best products. They are capitalizing on the interest and the ignorance of the consumers. 

When you look at a quality nutritional supplement the quality is revealed both by what is in the product as well as what is not. For example:

NutriGold is FREE OF: Adulterants, allergens, chemical additives, contaminants, GMOs, preservatives and synthetic ingredients. So how do you know the products you buy are totally free of unwanted factors? FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) only require 12-15 tests for raw materials and 8-10 tests for finished products. There is no required testing for solvents, pesticides, allergens, GMOs or aflatoxins. NutriGold performs over 140 tests on raw materials and 20-25 tests on finished goods. Does your company go beyond what is required or do they only do the minimum required?

NutriGold INCLUDES: Whole food and/or food sourced ingredients, clinically proven ingredients, therapeutic potencies and should always be third party certified for identity, purity, potency and safety.

In this interview and post, we are only able to scratch the surface. It is the details that will impress you, so I urge you to do some additional exploration of these topics and especially the NutriGold difference. You can contact NutriGold for more information You can visit the website and learn much more, and ideally, you can visit an independent retailer that sells NutriGold. That is where you will find the knowledgeable owners and staff who can help you understand these important distinctions. The more you know, the better choices you will make. The better choices lead to better outcomes. It is what you choose to do purposely in your life that will make the difference over time. 

If you don’t know about NutriGold, then I am pleased to introduce them to you as a company. I use some of their products. I especially favor a company that seeks to achieve the highest standard across the board. NutriGold is one of those companies. If you already know about NutriGold then you already know why I like them. This interview is not intended to sell you a product. It is to reveal to you some of what goes on behind the scenes of a good company. Good companies always have a story to tell about how they create their products. Good companies want consumers to know what sets them apart. Knowing that there are many good companies and what sets good companies apart, you can now seek out those companies that you can trust – companies like NutriGold. Read more about the NutriGold philosophy

About Chad Kelly

Chad Kelly is the National Educator for NutriGold. He brings significant experience, both personal and professional, to this role for NutriGold. Chad brings twenty plus years of experience in the natural products industry. He has a warm and passionate perspective, inspiring retailers and consumers alike about NutriGold’s philosophy and product line.  In his spare time Chad enjoys traveling and immersing himself in the infinite healing wisdom of nature.

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