284 – Build Stronger Bones, Hair, Skin and Nails – My Interview with Peter D. Josling

Ortho Silicic Acid (OSA) is a clinically studied highly bio-available Silicon 

Bone Support

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We have known for a long time that silicon is an important mineral for human health. In fact, silicon is the 2nd most abundant element on earth after oxygen. Like a lot of vitamins, minerals and other trace nutrients are low or missing from our modern food supply. Much of the soil is mineral deficient and does not provide the building blocks for health that we need. Supplements have become critical for optimal health. Silicon is a perfect example of a nutrient with profound benefits that is lacking in today’s diet.

In this interview, Peter Josling will discuss the role of silicon in human health and the challenge we face getting this nutrient into our diets. He also explains the unique benefits of Ortho Silicic Acid (OSA) form of silicon. Maybe you have taken horsetail herb as a recognized source of silica. What we have with OSA over horsetail herb is huge improvement in bio-availability and clinical studies which validate the benefits of OSA. We have confidence in benefits because of the clinical studies. 

There has been a huge growing interest in collagen supplements and with good reason. Your cells exist in a collagen medium. Collagen provide the supporting structure for tissue throughout the body. This is most easily observed in bone, skin, hair and nails. These are obvious points where collagen deficiency can be seen. These are also the areas where the research has revealed very specific effects. But don’t lose sight of the fact that if collagen is deficient in the obvious tissues of the body, then this deficiency exists throughout the body. Improvements in skin, hair and nails can be considered a sign that collagen status is improving throughout the body. For example, blood vessels need collagen for support and repair. OSA stimulates collagen production in the body.

Clinical Research Results using OSA

  • Bone Support – A 2008 study showed that a combination calcium, vitamin D and OSA showed significant improvements in bone formation in women with osteopenia*.  Silicon improves the growth of new bone cells and also inhibits bone breakdown*. With aging, our bodies become less able to ingest natural silicon, there is the added problem of environmental changes affecting the natural supply, therefore without a bio-available source we are simply not getting enough*.
  • Skin Support

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    Skin Support – OSA starts providing benefits quickly even in sun-damaged skin*. Women with significant skin damage saw improved skin texture after 20 weeks*.

  • Hair Support – OSA helps hair become stronger, thicker, more elastic and shinier and less prone to breakage*. Silicon not only plays an important role in the growth of beautiful, healthy, strong hair but also greatly benefits  joints, muscles, and blood vessels*. The internal damage (blood vessels, veins, joints and bones) is harder to see but it is proven that extra silicon in the diet results in better bone growth*.
  • Nails Support – Nails become stronger, less brittle and grow faster*. The first signs of Silicon deficiency are generally found in the skin, hair and nails*. The skin and hair lose strength and elasticity and the nails become brittle and fragile*. After eight weeks of taking Silidyn the first visible results should appear in the form of stronger nails, fuller hair and better skin*. These are the tangible benefits that reveal the inside of the body is also benefiting*.

Silidyn Rejuvenate
Silidyn Rejuvinate is supplemental OSA that is unique. Nutrients don’t function in a vacuum. They function best in synergy with other nutrients. In addition to the clinically effective form and dose of OSA, Silidyn also includes additional support nutrients. Minerals added include zinc, boron, manganese, MSM and selenium. Additional Benefits from a formula like this include immune system support, cell regeneration and antioxidant support*.

Silidyn Muscle and Joint Gel
This is an interesting product because the nutrients are delivered through the skin. Silidyn Muscle & Joint Gel are used to relieve the pain associated with arthritis and to support repair of tissue during acute trauma associated with sports and over exertion*. With this technology nutrients can be applied at the site where they are needed. Silidyn Muscle & Skin Gel starts with OSA particles that are small and can be easily absorbed into skin and connective tissue. The gel can be used to relieve pain and inflammation as well as strengthening connective tissue and cartilage*. Silidyn Muscle & Joint Gel contains the following herbs: devil’s claw, comfrey, arnica and polygonum as well as MSM and glucosamine.

To learn more or purchase Silidyn products visit their website: SilidynUSA.com. To learn more about bone health listen to our other interviews on the many nutrients that also are critical for strong bones such as vitamin D3, vitamin K2, and many minerals as well. Here is the link to those interviews.

About Peter D. Josling
Dr. Josling is currently the Director and Chief Clinical Scientist of the Herbal Research Centre based in Battle England. He is also the Head of Innovation at Nasaleze International Limited.  He is a trained chemist graduating from Nottingham University in England and he gained a PhD in natural medicine in 2005 from Redding. He has had over 25 years experience in the International Health Food arena devoting his time to conducting and publishing clinical studies and writing scientific articles on a wide variety of natural products including garlic, ginger, ginkgo biloba, and many others.



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