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CBD has profound benefits throughout the body

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CBD is perhaps most well-known for its benefits to the brain. Previously we have discussed issues like sleep, mood, stress, anxiety and inflammation. Those are powerful and significant all on their own. But research and experience is revealing that CBD has profound benefits throughout the body. Endocannabinoid System (ECS) receptors are found in abundance in the gut.

What is emerging in the science is that the ECS receptors are found throughout the body but especially in the brain and gut is where most of the heavy lifting is done. This connection between the brain and the gut has emerged to be one of the most important realizations of the past decade. We even hear of the gut referred to as the second brain. And we know when the gut is out of sorts, our whole system suffers.

In this interview Miles Sarill discusses the emerging science of CBD and he brings together some very interesting and important points. One of the most important points is that not all industrial hemp is the same. Therefore CBD extracts from different strains yields different compounds. Not all extracts are the same. Here is a link to a recent study comparing extracts from 4 different strains of industrial hemp. The results reveals that one strain, Futura 75, gave the best results compared to the other 3 strains. Futura 75 is a strain used by CV Sciences. This is not a coincidence. The best extracts come from the best strains.

Even products from one company will vary. CV Sciences makes 3 different types of CBD products. These are not just different potencies but distinct products from one another. These are just a few of the distinctions you should know. I have discussed how to evaluate your CBD company and you can find that interview here. As I always advise: find a good, responsible and transparent company first. Once you’ve identified companies you can trust, and then explore their products with confidence. The best products are the ones that work best for you. Don’t buy the hype.

The main focus of this interview is CBD for gut health. Miles reveals that the gut contains many CBD receptors sites and the influence of CBD in the gut is profound. As always we are considering the nutritional influences of CBD to help the body function more normally. CBD is a food that has been consumed by humans for thousands of years.

Miles discusses the benefits of CBD for gut issues such as leaky gut*. He also discusses how gut health may affect skin health* and how improving gut health* may then also provide benefits for other issues. This brings up an important concept. CBD does not heal the gut. CBD does not heal the skin or other tissues. CBD does not heal the brain, etc. CBD and all other nutrients nourish the body. The magic is in the body’s ability to heal, repair and maintain when properly nourished.

Dosages vary in the marketplace and the quality of the products is all over the place. Miles discusses typical dosage recommendations between 1 and 15 mg. once or twice per day. He suggests that starting low allows you to work up to the most effective dosage. You can also experiment with the different types of CBD products created by CV Sciences and see if one works better than the other. Remember, lower doses may actually work better.


For a deep dive into CBD, check out our many interviews with the experts. These previous interviews will give to understanding and perspective. There are multiple interviews with Stuart Tomc, Dr. Hector Lopez and Dr. Aimee Shunney.

CV Sciences has a great deal of information that you can access both on their website and on their YouTube channel. Here are some of the links that will take you to the various sources for your consideration:

PlusCBDOil.com – This site has both product information and additional resources.

YouTube.com – Check out the PlusCBD™ Oil videos . They have numerous channels with many short videos for your review. Here are links to a few.

Minute with Miles – These are short one minute videos on various topics related to CBD. As of this writing there are 10 episodes.

Learning with PlusCBD™ Oil

Plus CBD Lifestyle

If distinctions regarding CBD are important to you, then you should research the companies and their products. PlusCBD™ Oil is an industry leader. They have been champions for this emerging industry and the standards they have are a high bar. PlusCBD™ Oil is one of the best brands available. If you are unsure what brands you can trust then PlusCBD™ Oil is a great product to start. Listen to our other interviews to learn more.

About Miles Sarill – Miles serves as one of CV Sciences’ educators, sharing his passion and expertise on the use of cannabinoids in wellness. Passionate about natural wellness from a young age, Miles Sarill has always been fascinated by herbalism. While finishing up his Master’s in Experimental Medicine from McGill University, Miles worked as an educator at Cambridge Naturals, a renowned natural health food store in Massachusetts and one of the first to add hemp CBD to their shelves.

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