393 – Is your water totally pure or only legally pure?

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We all need clean water. We all depend on our sources for water to be pure, clean and uncontaminated. But how do we know? This is a big concern worldwide. We assume our city water supplies are safe, but look at Flint, Michigan. We assume well water is safer but that also is not always true. We assume that bottled water is a good alternative but consider the millions of plastic pollution caused by discarded plastic. Even bottled water is not always a reliable source. Water can be legally pure and still contain harmful contaminants.

In this interview with Alfie Lipshultz, we will discuss some of the many challenges with our water supply. We also discuss the best ways to assure your home has pure water. Alfie has been in the pure water business for 40 years as the co-founder (along with his late father) of Aquathin Water Purification Systems. Aquathin Systems are used around the world. They are used in home settings and all the way up to large scale applications. I suggest that you explore the Aquathin website. Start with the certifications and awards on the home page and go from there.

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Legally Safe Standards?

“The Clean Water Act (CWA) regulates 91 contaminants. If tap water contains less than the maximum contaminant levels (MCL) of acceptance of each of these contaminants, your water is legally safe. The US EPA is looking at 10,000 other contaminants not regulated but known to be in tap water and they are considering the regulation of 104 more. Hence your water is not totally safe by those standards, otherwise they would not be looking to regulate more contaminants.

The CWA initially only regulated 22 contaminants in 1974, many of which have had their MCLs further reduced over time because of continuous laboratory and governmental research. Many of the remaining 91 contaminants that have been identified have maximum contaminant level goals (MCLGs) relative to the lower concentration limits to be achieved in the future.
There is no such thing as safe, safer, safest water. Common sense says then that the water we were told 20 and 30 years ago was ‘legally safe’ to drink is not considered such by today’s standards or likely future standards.

Emerging contaminants

Drugs have been reported in drinking water around the world over the past 10 years, including animal pharmaceuticals and cocaine metabolites. Most recently this phenomenon received the moniker ‘emerging contaminants.’
Many of the drugs you read about have been around for a long time and only now are we seeing the first emerging concentrations. Experience says concentrations will increase further before decreasing. A most interesting point is the identification of animal drugs, pharmaceuticals not fit for human consumption in any concentrations.
None of these emerging drug contaminants are regulated in ‘legally safe’ tap water and many become even more toxic when they contact chlorine. While it is true that much is unknown about these contaminants, we do know that given the choice of consuming legally safe tap water that contains emerging drug contaminants or not, we choose not!” Excerpt from article by Alfie Lipshultz. Read the whole article here.

Testing Your Water

To get your water tested, Alfie recommends National Testing Labs. Their tests can identify what is in your water. Then you can move forward with knowledge.

Alfred (Alfie) Lipshultz

Alfie Lipshultz is the President and CEO of Aquathin Corp. As the co-founder, along with his father, Mitchell, of Aquathin Corp. Alfie has created and formulated proprietary designs resulting in seven patents related to water purification. For over 40 years Alfie has been developing best in class water purification systems.

EDUCATION: B.G.S. Bachelor of General Studies, College of Arts & Science 1974 with concentrated focus in Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky.

MEMBERSHIPS AND ASSOCIATIONS: Florida District Export Council, National Water Quality Association, American Water Works Association, South Florida Manufacturers Association, University of Kentucky Alumni Association Life Member, Kentucky Colonel and Appointed Kentucky Admiral, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, University of Kentucky College of Arts  & Sciences Board of Advisors.

PERSONAL: Married to Deborah Lipshultz 40 years.  Three children Allen, Terry, Abrym. 2 grandchildren.   

You can learn more about Alfie at LinkedIn.

Aquathin Corp.              

Established in 1980,  Aquathin has grown into a highly industry respected entity with over 70 proprietary  and trademarked water purification, filtration, softening and treatment systems servicing the residential, commercial, industrial and laboratory  markets both domestic and international.  Aquathin has established a network of skilled and trained Authorized Dealers and Distributors. 

For more information you can also visit: Facebook – Aquathin and LinkedIn – Aquathin

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