394 – Naturopathy Provides a Holistic Approach to Immune Health

Treat the whole person using the healing power of nature.

The magic is in the body

This is the initial premise: The Power to Heal, Resides in the Body! With this as the foundation, we can consider all healing interventions as means to achieve improved health by facilitating a healing response. All healing interventions can be judged on various criteria all of which lead to an understanding of how these affect the body’s ability to heal. Our goal should be to assist nature (our body and it’s processes) to heal, restore, maintain health. There are many safe and natural ways to promote healing and health. Naturopathy is one of the ways we can employ the healing power of nature.

In this interview with Naturopath Dr. Michael Schwartz, we will discuss the foundations of a naturopathic approach to health. I would contend that mankind has been using some form of natural healing throughout the existence of man. Mankind has always had the ability to assist healing, with each culture finding its own way. Michael describes the four foundational principles of naturopathy and I think these traits are seen throughout medical history. This includes Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and other traditional healing systems.

The Foundations of Naturopathy

  1. Find the true cause. True causes can sometimes be elusive. It is part of your journey of discovery.
  2. Treat the whole person. Body – Mind – Spirit
  3. Use the healing power of nature. This starts with our initial premise above.
  4. Do no harm. This may seem to be self-evident, however some healing methods (pharmaceutical drugs, for example) can harm the body.

You are fortunate if you have access to naturopathic doctors. I have interviewed many of them here on HealthQuestPodcast.com. We need skillful naturopaths to help us find more natural solutions. Dr. Michael Schwartz is one of the classic old-school naturopaths that I appreciate.

Nutritional Support for Immune Health

Remember that mankind has always had a robust immune system. Otherwise we would not be here today. Our journey in these modern times is to understand our challenges and how we can support immunity, healing and maintenance of health.

Michael has created Essential Immune which contains the 4 most important nutrients for everyday and overall immune health. These are not the only nutrients for your consideration but these 4 key nutrients should be the foundations for your immune support programs. You can build from there when needed.

Essential Immune

Essential Immune Nutrientsª with Vitamin D
  • Vitamin C and Zinc, are fundamental nutrients for different aspects of the immune system for:
  •           -the production of antibodies
  •           -tissue repair
  •           -enzyme activity
  •           -neutralizing free radicals
  • Vitamin A, supplied as beta carotene, essential in building and nourishing the immune system. Your first line of defense, thus protecting your body from internal and external issues.*
  • Vitamin D for the powerful immune support role it plays in the lungs.

It’s interesting to me to see many more people these days embrace nutrition as an important way to support health and immunity. Those of you who have embraced a natural lifestyle and augmented nutritional supplementation are reaping the subtle benefits of better immunity. What you have been doing for years is having a positive effect and you are better off for it.

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Dr. Michael Schwartz

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Dr. Michael Schwartz, N.M.D., is president and founder of Michael’s® Naturopathic Programs. He has been a leader in the natural products industry since 1976, as a teacher, naturopathic nutritional counselor, and manufacturer of nutritional supplements. As the host of a mind-body radio program, Michael is also involved in educating the public on holistic wellness through radio and television appearances.

He is a highly respected lecturer, with appearances at doctor and pharmacist conferences, colleges and universities, and health and wellness venues nationwide. Michael’s holistic nutritional consultations continue to benefit people from all walks of life, including world class athletes and elite performers.

Michael also writes on health and the interrelationship with emotions and spirit. Michael has published 18 books as well as articles for numerous wellness magazines and journals. You can read any of Michael’s books for free. Here is the link for his books: https://cutateachings.org/gifts/

Michael’s® Naturopathic Programs

We believe every individual has a responsibility to achieve optimal health to maximize their unique potential. Each of us is called to serve humanity in some way.

This is only possible when we are healthy, not plagued with emotional anxiety or stress due to poor nutrition. We believe everyone deserves to be healthier, no matter their current level of health. It is our mission to provide affordable nutritional supplements that will help people enjoy healthier lives.

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