395 – Growing Your Own Super Nutritious Microgreens

It’s easy to grow nutrient-dense microgreens at home.

In this interview with Natalie Paterson, we discuss the nutritional value and importance of microgreens. We’ll discuss the innovative ingarden system for growing microgreens at home. Natalie has provided a 20% discount if you purchase ingarden using the following code: HEALTHQUEST20.

Important Note: We do not receive any payment or compensation if you purchase ingarden.

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What are microgreens?

Microgreens are the tiny plants that grow when seeds first sprout. They are miniature versions of your favorite herbs and vegetables that are picked at their peak nutrient-density. Packed with more nutrition and all of the deliciousness. They are superfoods you can grow in your own kitchen and are ready to serve in one week. ingarden hydroponic microgreens are certified organic and vegan, and they avoid all GMOs, pesticides, and plastic waste found in store-bought greens.

Benefits of Microgreens

“Microgreens are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and flavor. Each microgreen has its own particular nutritional benefits and can contain up to 2150% more of the percent daily value of nutrients per serving than their full-grown counterparts. Benefits of consuming microgreens can range from supporting and enhancing immune system functions, to aiding in brain and heart health, to helping maintain healthy hair, skin and nails, and so much more. By adding a range of microgreens to your diet, it is easy to make fresh nutrients an accessible and delicious component of your everyday routine and healthy lifestyle.

The ingarden system

My personal ingarden: broccoli, cabbage, mustard

My Experience

I was impressed with the whole package. All of the package materials were thoughtfully designed and eco-friendly. The ingarden is well made, sturdy and easy to use. Wet it, turn the light on, let it grow, cut and eat. It’s that simple.

For more information, go to ingarden.com.

Natalie Paterson

Natalie Paterson is the co-founder of ingarden. Natalie has a background in nutritional biochemistry and is currently pursuing a MS in food science. Growing up in New Zealand, she was inspired by her Māori upbringing to explore the value of growing your own food. Specifically, the Māori saying ‘he kai kei aku ringa’ which means ‘food from my hands’ struck a chord with Natalie. For Natalie, this notion underlined the current disconnect between people, food, and nutrition in contemporary society.

After studying food and nutrition extensively, she concluded that growing microgreens from home and tapping directly into their immense nutritional potency was the best way to seamlessly make people’s lives more nutritious and sustainable. With ingarden, Natalie has found a way to improve how we nourish ourselves through innovative, fresh, and accessible nutrition without sacrificing ease or convenience.


ingarden was founded by a passionate team of individuals whose goal is to make people’s lives healthier through accessible, high-impact nutrition. ingarden’s roots stem from the mind of our co-founder Natalie Paterson, who has a background in nutritional science, health, and wellness. She saw a need for nutrition to not only be accessible in our busy lives, but also sustainable, sophisticated, and on the forefront of our technological landscape. The team’s top priority was to create an environmentally and user-friendly product that adds fresh nutrients to our daily lives—without any pesticides, herbicides, or GMOs.

After two years of extensive research, nutritional analyses, test runs, and design development, the first ingarden device was created. Crafted to harness nature’s processes using only high-quality, sustainable materials, ingarden grows the freshest, most nutritious microgreens for you to enjoy at home. ingarden is built for the future of food.

Questions? Reach out to Alexandra, Director of Public Relations and Communications at press@ingarden.com

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