083 – Renew HOPE – Building Better Communities – My Interview with Brenda Watson

Renew H.O.P.E. provides resources for those with nutritional and financial needs

Brenda WatsonRenew H.O.P.E. is a non-profit organization with mission of building healthier communities through education and assistance. More specifically, Renew H.O.P.E. offers several different programs that provide dietary supplements, nutritional diagnostic testing, integrative practitioner referrals, dietary and lifestyle education and financial assistance to those in need.

For many years, Brenda Watson, has donated time, money, supplements and counselling as part of her personal mission and passion for helping others. This interest has grown to become a foundation dedicated to helping others. Many people cannot afford nutritional counselling, testing and supplements. Those who have been ill and have not had success with the traditional model often can find tremendous results from a change of diet and lifestyle.  Sadly, not everyone can afford this type of health care. Brenda’s whole history has been one of helping others and now through her foundation, she has a basis for identifying and helping others. In this interview Brenda discusses the Renew H.O.P.E. program, and some examples of the types of services the foundation provides. She give a couple of examples of people who have been helped.

Brenda Watson is also the founder of Renew Life, a digestive care company. She has been the host of several PBS programs the most recent being the ‘Heart of Perfect Health’. She is a New York Times Best-selling author. For much more information about Brenda Watson your can visit her several websites. BrendaWatson.com, RenewHOPE.org and RenewLife.com.


            -Suzanne Somers, excerpt from Sexy Forever: How To Fight Fat After Forty

I admire Brenda Watson – she is a one-woman crusade for gut health. She is the author of many books, including some of my favorites: The H.O.P.E. Formula, The Detox Strategy, and The Fiber35 Diet. She is one of the foremost authorities in the country on internal cleansing and detoxification. Because of her expertise in digestive health, people flock to her lectures all over the world.

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