151 – Relief for Sciatica and Neuropathy – My Interview with Dr. Gad Gilad

Nutritional Support for Nerve Trauma with G-Agmatine.

Dr. Gad Gilad

Inflammation & Pain Support

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Nerve trauma is one of the most challenging of health conditions. Damage to nerve cells can occur in many different ways. Physical accidents is one way nerve trauma comes from without. Nerve trauma can also occur from within. Strokes, pinched nerves and related neuropathies are examples. Whatever the cause, what is common is that nerve cells are damaged. G-Agmatine has been shown to support nerve cell resiliency. A healthier nerve cell will function better. G-Agmatine is a breakthrough nutrient for this very challenging health issue. People who suffer with sciatica and/or other neuropathies could benefit from improved nerve cell resiliency. Even with damaged nerve cells, one can still improve structure and function.

In this interview I speak with Dr. Gad Gilad about the benefits of agmatine for nerve trauma. His research has lead to the development of G-Agmatine which is patented for it’s benefits for nerve health and resiliency.

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The nervous system is composed of three major divisions: the brain and spinal cord, together called the central nervous system (CNS), and the peripheral nervous system of which peripheral nerves constitute a major part. The nervous system is the ultimate coordinator of all bodily functions and its proper function is of cardinal importance for healthy daily living.

spineThe nerve cells, called neurons are the main players in charge of performing nervous system functions. Neurons are interconnected by their axons, long fiber extensions responsible for transmitting information in the form of electrical signals. Neurons receive signals from organs of the body and sense the environment. After processing that information they coordinate the proper response of the various body organs.

Neurons, both in the CNS and the peripheral nervous system, are vulnerable to alterations in health-related conditions. Neurons may succumb and die as a result of lethal genetic changes or harsh environmental insults resulting in permanent functional alterations or complete loss of functions. In other words, functional recovery ultimately depends on nerve cell resilience and capability to sustain and recover.

In ground-breaking laboratory experiments, Dr. Gad Gilad and Varda Gilad discovered in 1994 that the unique molecule agmatine is endowed with neuroprotective properties for nerve cell survival. Maintaining nerve cell resilience is mandatory for healthy nervous system function. One way this may be achieved is by providing fortifying nutrients directed at activating the cell’s own molecular mechanisms that underlie the self-healing power and survival capabilities of neurons. As important as this is, one still needs to correct or improve the underlying conditions causing the nerve trauma.

About G-Agmatine

  • AgmaSetG-Agmatine is Gilad&Gilad’s proprietary brand name for the multifunctional ingredient agmatine. A natural amino acid metabolite of arginine and present in low amounts in plant, fish and meat foodstuff.
  • G-Agmatine is a safe nutraceutical dietary ingredient as proven by clinical trials.
  • G-Agmatine is effective for nerve resilience and healthier nerve functions and for a better quality of life at the required fortified dose range of 1.335 to 2.760 gram per day as evidenced by clinical trials.
  • G-Agmatine Additional benefits extend to healthier glucose metabolism and to kidney and cardiovascular health as amply indicated by experimental scientific studies.
  • G-Agmatine is a high quality product, manufactured under cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) conditions in accordance with the highest quality standards and regulations governing supplement manufacturers..
  • G-Agmatine is patented. This is the clinically studied form of agmatine.
  • G-Agmatine is the ingredient found in the supplement AgmaSet.

About Dr. Gad Gilad
Gad M. Gilad received his Ph.D. in neurobiology and behavior from Cornell University IN 1977. His research focus is the response of the nervous system to stress, neurotrauma and neurodegenerative diseases (molecular mechanisms of nerve cell survival and death, and neuroplasticity), and the development of new therapeutics. His collaboration with Varda H. Gilad while working at several academic centers, including the National Institutes of Health, Weizmann Institute of Science and Harvard University, resulted in over 100 peer reviewed scientific papers and several patents. One of their main discoveries is the neuroprotective properties of agmatine. He is the cofounder and CEO of Gilad&Gilad LLC, a health science company based in Reseda (Los Angeles), California. The Company manufactures and markets nutraceutical supplements of the For-Nerve-HealthTM product line. AgmaSet and AgmaVet are their leading G-Agmatine containing products.

For Nerve Health

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1 Francisco de Vera February 24, 2019 at 5:14 am

What is the effect of Agmaset on sleep? On my first day that I took 2 caps in the morning & 2 caps in the evening , I experienced very light sleep & several waking up inspite that I use rivotril 2 mg for my sleep aid.


2 Steve Lankford February 24, 2019 at 9:17 am

Try contacting the company. I don’t have an answer for your question.


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