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Statin Drugs Leave a Lot to be Desired

Steve LankfordLet me begin by saying I have a bias against statin drugs. I believe that too many are put on these drugs that do not need them. The benefits of statin drugs are over-estimated and the side effects are minimized. Patients are not given full information about the risks versus the benefits. They are not well informed about other lifestyle risk factors and how there are other less dangerous ways to reduce cardiovascular risk.

Most people who are prescribed statin drugs believe that they are at serious risk for heart disease if they have “elevated”  cholesterol. But is that true? Or even close to true. If you take a closer look at the science and the benefits, you will likely be surprised by what you find.

Why do we take statin drugs? The common answer is to lower cholesterol. Why do we want to lower cholesterol? The common answer is to reduce the risk of heart disease or strokes. But really, the most important question is “Will statin drugs reduce YOUR risk of cardiovascular disease.” If you are healthy without any previous cardiac events you may very well not need statin drugs. You do need to understand your risk factors. You need to take responsibility for your health and discover your options. Do not expect your doctor to do this. His job is to manage your disease. You need to focus on health building.

Heart Health

I have some incredible interviews here on HealthQuestPodcast.com that will give you an understanding and overview of this challenge. If you listen to these interviews you will gain powerful insights about how nutrition can support cardiovascular health and the problems associated with statin drugs. This will give you confidence to move in the direction of building health. I also will provide links to some very well articulated articles on the topic of cholesterol and cardiovascular health. I believe that if you spend a little time listening to these experts you will be astounded by what you learn and you will be in a position to actually improve your cardiac health and risk.

Taking a natural approach to heart health does not mean that you are rejecting medical care. I want you all to be clear on that. Natural health is not medical care. Supplements are not drugs and drugs are not supplements. Do not confuse the two. Medical care will address your medical needs. Nutrition supports the structure and function of your body. They are compatible. Nutrients don’t do what drugs do and drugs don’t do what nutrition does. When you approach nutrition as a way to support the structure and function of tissues, organs and enzymes then you are helping your body be healthier. Possibly dramatically healthier than you will be if you only take the medical approach.

So here are my top recommendations.

Here are a some well articulated articles on the science of statin drugs:

The more you know, the better choices you can make. Better choices lead to better outcomes. It’s up to you to take responsibility and learn how to be healthier. If you have health issues, seek to nourish your body as you manage your disease.










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1 Ruth Keys June 19, 2014 at 10:14 pm

i tried them all and truthfully they almost killed me.


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