290 – Thyme Extract for Acne, Eczema and More – My Interview with Andrew Klenert

Thyme Extract is also excellent for ALL types of skin inflammation

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Thyme Out is effective and fast alternative for Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Dermatitis, Rosacea, Cold Sores, Pet Rashes, Bug Bites, Fungus, Poison Ivy, Any Skin Inflammation! This is a pretty impressive claim. That’s what I first thought when I learned about Thyme Out Skin Remedy. My second thought was “how do we know that those are the benefits of Thyme extract?” So I discovered the answer in conversations with Andrew Klenert. You’ll learn the answer as well in this interview with Andrew.

English Thyme

The story starts when the Romans ruled England from 43 to 410 AD. What were the herbal medicines of that time and how were they prepared? What properties would these herbs exhibit? This is the question they asked at Leeds Beckett University in England. Thyme, marigold and myrrh were all found to have anti-microbial effects, but thyme was found to be the most potent. Here is an excerpt from the University:

Acne is caused by a bacterium called Propionibacterium acnes which infects the skin pore and then forms a pimple. Currently, the most common treatments for acne are antibiotics or a topical cream or wash containing the chemical benzoyl peroxide. These treatments are often associated with side-effects, for example benzoyl peroxide often causes a burning sensation on the skin and irritation.

A solution, known as a tincture, can be made using plants and herbs, where the plant is steeped in alcohol for days or weeks. This extracts the different compounds from the plant. The research team tested the effectiveness of thyme, myrrh and marigold tinctures in killing the acne bacterium using a test commonly used to test disinfectants. The activity of the tinctures was also compared to that of the benzoyl peroxide used in acne creams.

Dr Gomez Escalada commented: “We found that all the preparations tested were able to kill a number of bacteria. The preparation that was found the most effective was thyme tincture, even better than benzoyl peroxide. This shows the potential of thyme tincture for treating acne. End excerpt. READ MORE

That could have been the end of it, as is often the case with studies like this. But like many of the amazing and effective natural products, it came to life because of the passion and interest of one person. You’ll hear this story as part of our interview with Andrew Klenert.

If it was only effective for acne, it would be worthy of celebration. Certainly with those that deal with acne this should be a welcome alternative. It may be more effective and is certainly more gentle to the skin than current medications. But when you consider eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and all the other indications, we are addressing some of the most challenging skin conditions. Most people will do anything to improve these skin conditions. Consider the common treatments that you are aware of and you will realize that they are not necessarily very effective.

So this is a natural product that is safe, mild, effective and fast acting that will have everyone excited who tries it. This is one of those products that generates a lot of recommendations and referrals from users. People are excited to share their results because the effects are dramatic and quick. You can see the difference in the before and after pictures from the Thyme Out brochure.

Thyme proved significantly more powerful at killing Propionibacterium acnes, the bacteria that causes acne, than ANY other acne medication. This means that not only is Thyme Out the best Natural Treatment for Acne but also the Best Treatment for Acne!

Further, unlike the many side effects from Benzoyl Peroxide including irritated skin leading to redness, dry skin, and bleaching of clothing, Thyme has NONE of these issues. In fact, since Thyme has strong anti-inflammation properties, the product can soothe the skin naturally. I use Thyme Out and I would hesitate to use it on children for all types of bites, irritations and rashes.

Deodorant: The same anti-bacterial properties of Thyme Out also fight the bacteria that causes underarm odor. Use it as a natural base to the skin before applying a fragrance cover-up and you’ll see a significant increase in the time that odor is held back. (irritation may occur if applied to recently shaved underarms)

Anti-fungul: The amazing anti-fungul properties of Thyme Out allow you to apply it to fungul breakouts on feet, etc. You’ll see better results than with store bought fungul treatments as the thyme instantly begins to kill fungus on contact.

About Andrew Klenert
Andrew Klenert is the President and Founder of Thyme Out Skin Remedy  In 2012, he began his recent journey with Thyme Out having seen a shortage of real natural products for skin issues in the marketplace and having his own issue to solve. Through contacts at a U.K. university, he was given the formula to replicate the ancient Roman (with some Greek influence) remedy for skin issues using several species of the herb Thyme.  Upon seeing it’s amazing properties, Andrew quickly created a brand around this ancient herbal wisdom and started Thyme Out to make it accessible to everyone.

Andrew is an avid entrepreneur and inventor in fields ranging from the beauty to health to medical to education to the auto industry. He co-created a unique biofuel that allowed average people to make a simple homemade diesel fuel for under $0.50 a gallon and save them money during the last fuel price spike.  He worked with an engineering firm and created a life saving pressure controlled drug dispensing syringe that will soon be on the market to minimize human error.  He even created a unique quick attach/release dog leash for those with physical disabilities.

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