331 – BioPQQ Has Clinical Benefits for Your Brain, Memory and Energy

BioPQQ has the science to show that it works.

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One of the biggest challenges for consumers who use dietary supplements is how do you know a product is safe, effective, clinically studied etc.? How do you know if the claims are valid and the product can be trusted? How do you know what to expect as a result of using a product? The answer is to look to trademarked, branded and clinically studied raw materials.

What is BioPQQ?

BioPQQ is an all-natural, nutritional supplement that supports brain health by stimulating nerve growth factor, increasing mitochondria, and providing superior antioxidant protection. Made in Japan, BioPQQ® is a natural, purified, water-soluble pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt (PQQ-Na2) produced by fermentation. Mitsubishi Gas Chemical uses a proprietary fermentation and purification process that has been well studied and documented.

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BioPQQ is one of those clinically studied, trademarked and branded raw materials. This is the best in class of ingredients that are used by the best supplement companies. We know they are high quality, safe and effective because they have the science to support the claims. Look for companies that use the best ingredients and you will have the best chance of success.

BioPQQ has been approved by the FDA as a New Dietary Supplement (NDI) and GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) as well.

BioPQQ and Brain Health

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  • Taking BioPQQ of 8 weeks may reduce confusion, anxiety and depression and improve energy.*
  • Taking BioPQQ for 24 weeks may: may increase memory recall, reverse the decline in cognitive function, and improve other higher brain functions like spatial awareness.*
  • BioPQQ may improve working memory which includes complex cognitive tasks such as learning, reasoning, and comprehension.*
  • BioPQQ can improve short term memory and the ability to recall relevant information in the middle of an activity.*
  • Clinical studies in humans have shown that BioPQQ enhances short-term memory and attention.*
  • It promotes cognitive health and memory by combating mitochondrial dysfunction and protecting neurons from oxidative damage.*

BioPQQ and Energy

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  • BioPQQ has antioxidant and B-vitamin-like activity.*
  • It improves energy metabolism and healthy aging.*
  • It reduces markers of inflammation.*
  • BioPQQ improves general feelings of well-being and may improve sleep.*

BioPQQ and Sports

  • For anyone involved in sports BioPQQ is a perfect additional nutrient.
  • It is safe and has been approved in sanctioned sports.
  • It plays an important role in the creation of mitochondria and the activation of energy building cell growth.*
  • BioPQQ has also been approved by Informed Choice and Informed Sport Certification. It is safe for all athletes.*

BioPQQ and Aging

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  • PQQ is known to influence multiple cellular pathways, including the production of nerve growth factor (NGF).*
  • It has been shown to attenuate mitochondrial oxidative stress as well as stimulate mitochondrial bio-genesis.*
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction is a key factor in the development of numerous health conditions, especially those typically related to aging.*

For more information visit their website: BioPQQ.com.
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About Dr. Shoji Matsukawa
 Dr. Shoji Matsukawa is General Manager, Organic Chemicals Sales & Marketing for Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America. Dr. Matsukawa has more than 15 years of experience in laboratory research, chemical plant engineering, product development and marketing, high performance materials and pharmaceuticals. He joined Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co. in 2013 after completing a PhD degree in chemical engineering from the University of Tokyo, and began working with Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America, the creators of BioPQQ, in 2017.

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