About Steve Lankford

1974 – Natural Health and Nutrition Degree – Instituto Naturista
1987 – Associate Degree in Marketing – Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

1976 – Founded Family Nutrition Center – still in operation.
1995 – Present – Developed and hosts Health Quest Radio Show. Over 1000 shows with over 450 interviews with experts in nutrition and natural health
1997 – Family Nutrition Center was voted one of the top 100 stores in the US by  Health Products Business magazine
2003 – Created two vitamin lines including FNC Private Label and Function Factors Natural Vitamins
2004 – 2012 – Developed and manages HealthQuestRadioShow.com
2011- Present Developed and hosts HealthQuestPodcast.com

Teaching Experience
1975 – Taught natural health and nutrition classes at Instituto Naturista.
1976 – 1981 – Taught natural health and vegetarian cooking classes.
1976 – Present – Taught numerous seminars on natural health and nutrition
2001 – 2014 – Taught natural health and nutrition classes at the University of Wisconsin Learning in Retirement Program

Writing – Consumer
1998 – Present – Wrote over 25 articles on nutrition for Healthy Thoughts Newspaper
2003 – 2006 – Wrote 4 articles on nutrition for Healthy Independent Newspaper
1998 – Present – Wrote nutrition articles for Family Nutrition Center

Writing – Business
1999 – Wrote articles on retailing for a manufacturer website
1995 – Present – Wrote hundreds of radio commercials for national supplement brands for Health Quest Radio Show
1998 – Present – Wrote several articles for Natural Foods Merchandiser and Health Products Business magazine

1992-1995 – Director of Wisconsin Citizens For Health
1992-1995 – Director of Wisconsin Nutritional Freedom Alliance
1995-1997 – Board Member – National Nutritional Foods Association – Midwest
2009- Present – Board Member – Wis. Health Freedom Coalition

Steve Lankford is available for interviews, nutritional counseling and retail consulting.
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1 Hillary Shearing December 12, 2016 at 12:42 pm

Hi Steve!

I literally just found your website and podcasts. Amazing stuff. Wondering if you have ever done a podcast with Dr. Wentz (founder of Usana) . I am a Holistic Nutritionist currently about to switch over from Usana’s products – to something with less filler and with use of Liposome delivery. I’m curious about how they compare – just for the peace of mind. I’m already confident my choice is the right choice – but i find researching Dr. Wentz products and Usana in general – they tend to “beat around the bush”. I look forward to your response/opinion – to hopefully give me some clarity!



2 Steve Lankford December 12, 2016 at 1:04 pm

Thank you for the kind words.

I have never done an interview on Usana, so I really can’t speak to any issues. There are lots of good brands and products. Just ask questions and then try products. Evaluate your results and adjust as necessary.

I usually find that if a company or product is questionable then it usually is deficient in some way. Not being open and transparent is a red flag for me.

Good luck in your search and best wishes for the holidays.



3 Paula February 22, 2014 at 1:23 am

Hi Steve!

Web surfing Red Yeast Rice & CoQ10 and came upon your website and I am glad I decided to take a look. I’ve got you bookmarked now as an important resource. Thank you for all of your work and obvious dedication.

I searched for “water” but nothing came up…there are so many “healthy” waters on the market that I wanted to get your take on them…choices can be daunting.

Thank you,



4 Steve Lankford February 22, 2014 at 10:33 am

Hello Paula,
Here is my take on water.
I have tried and looked into various water types. I prefer spring water if I have to buy it (like when traveling). I prefer filtered water as my home treatment system.

I have used and no longer use distilled water for drinking. I prefer my water with some minerals and taste.
I have rejected alkaline water as there is no good evidence or science behind the claims and many credible sources have rejected the claims made by alkaline water proponents. It sounds good but the science is lacking. It is an expensive way to get water with no scientific basis.
Depending on your water source you could consider various filtration methods and what you need to remove. I have well water and we only use a carbon filter at the drinking water source. (our refrigerator). For other needs you could consider reverse osmosis, or systems designed for your water source.


5 Steve Lankford April 23, 2012 at 10:21 pm

Hello Graham,
I am aware of Stem Cell. I am happy that it has helped you. That is always the bottom line. What would you like to discuss? I’m not interested in distributing if that is your interest. Otherwise tell me what you would like to discuss so I can be somewhat prepared.
Thanks and best wishes.


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