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Whey protein is one of the most easily assimilated supplemental proteins.

My Interview with Dr. Audrey Ross

Joint & Muscle Support

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More consumers are seeking to boost protein consumption and whey protein is perhaps the most popular and for good reasons. We use protein powders in our home and we have found that whey protein is our preferred source of supplemental protein.

One of the great advantages that we have now as consumers is that nutritional science continues to evolve and wonderful products based on that science are widely available. That’s the good news. The bad news is that there are many products that have flooded the market with inferior, low quality products. The sad news for the consumer is that it is challenging to know what to look for.

In this interview with Dr. Audrey Ross, we will discuss the benefits and distinctions of whey protein. We will also discuss innovative ways to enhance your protein smoothie. We will explore Biochem Science by Nature Whey Protein and some of the company’s recent innovations. By way of full disclosure, this is the protein that we use and recommend to others. I’m happy to recommend Biochem because I know what sets their products apart from the rest. It’s the distinctions between one company and another, one product from another and the ingredients that determine quality and effectiveness. We’ll explore some of those distinctions in the interview.

What is Whey Protein?

100% Grass Fed Cows

Whey is product of cheese production. The protein found in whey is highly biologically available to humans. Whey protein contains a complete 20 amino acid profile which provides the building blocks for the body.* Whey protein contains essential, non-essential and branched chain amino acids. Whey can be found in two forms: concentrate (containing the fat, cholesterol and lactose as found in dairy) and isolate form (most of the fat, cholesterol and lactose are removed). This is one of those distinctions to look for.

I mentioned that we use and recommend Biochem Science by Nature Whey Protein. It is because this brand meets our requirements. We are always looking for the best products we can find for our personal use. We do what I recommend to you and that is to research the company, products and ingredients. When we choose a brand it is usually because we understand some of those distinctions. You can compare them to whatever other protein you are using. You get to choose what is important to you. Ultimately the best product is the one that works best for you. You can always experiment with different brands and choose that which suits you. This is simply the one brand that we like and I’m happy to tell you why.

Biochem Science by Nature Whey Protein Isolate (Dr. Ross discusses these in greater detail in the interview)

  • Provides 20 grams of high quality protein per serving
  • 100% from grass fed cows
  • 99% Undenatured and dual filtered
  • 99% lactose free (the only one in the top 3 brands
  • Non GMO, gluten free, soy free, vegetarian and kosher certified.
  • 5 star rating from the Clean Label Project
  • Free of artificial hormones including rBST and rBGH
  • Mixes easily and taste good
  • Supports muscle health*
  • Supports immune health*
  • Includes immune fractions like immunoglobulin and lactoferrin
  • Made and sourced in the USA (Biochem does not use foreign sourced whey)
  • Also available as USDA Organic Whey Concentrate

These things make a difference. Biochem Science by Nature Whey Protein sets the highest standard through rigorous ingredient testing for quality and purity.  “Science by Nature” means incorporating modern technologies to extract the best from nature through gently processing providing the highest quality final product.  They can assure the consumer that this is a true representation because of multiple 3rd party certifications. This is one of the important ways to confirm the status, quality and commitment of the companies you purchase from.

Enhancing your smoothie

A lot of consumers are seeking to enhance their smoothie or other drinks with additional nutrients. The convenience of being able to augment your protein smoothie, juice, water, etc.  is highly desirable. There are now 4 new enhancer powders for you to consider. Biochem Enhancers can be mixed and matched to target your ever changing daily nutritional support. These are especially nice if you don’t like tablets or capsules or for the supplement weary who just don’t want to take more tablets.  The four enhancer options (below) allow exceptional versatility when looking for additional nutrition.

The easiest way to know if this is right for you is to try it. If you like what Biochem Science by Nature does as a company, and then you can feel confident to try their products. This is how you discover the best products. The first step is to know about the company. Then you can experiment until you discover for yourself what works best for you.

I can’t express this enough: There are many products and brands available with varying levels of quality. It is naive to think that inexpensive no name products are equal to products that undergo rigorous testing and 3rd party certification. Good companies go far above minimum standards in order to create the best products. They want the consumer to understand this. Certifications and transparency are the hallmarks of good companies. If these are important to you then do your homework. Be a responsible consumer. This is your body, your money and your journey of discovery. Invest wisely and you will be rewarded. Learn more and you will make better choices. Better choices lead to better outcomes.

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Dr. Audrey Ross, ND
Dr. Ross works for Country Life Vitamins and Biochem Science by Nature as an educator. She has a PhD in Naturopathy as well as a degree in Marketing. Dr. Ross ran a naturopathic consulting practice in Texas and worked with medical doctors, providing nutritional consultations for patients. Dr. Ross has a passion for teaching and has conducted seminars on nutrition, weight loss, stress reduction, etc. She co-authored a book on female hormone management in 2000. Her passion and knowledge bridges the divide between allopathic and naturopathic health care.
Biochem Science by Nature

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